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  • Working with the Volcanic team

    ​From day one we couldn’t have asked for more assistance. Everything from working with the design team, implementations, education and training to more recently raising a support ticket, the team are totally responsive to our needs and that’s very reassuring. Furthermore, there’s training to help us maximise the platform that ensures we understand and can manipulate the platform to our specific needs, for example reporting, SEO tools and more. Well done to the Volcanic team for designing a process that is slick and helps us plan for the short, medium and long-term.

    Director, Sharp and Carter

  • Uplifting our digital brand

    ​Working with Volcanic has resulted in more benefits than we would ever imagined. Recently, and due in part to the impressive performance statistics, we embarked on attracting graduates to work for us, through our website. The first port of call for any job seeker, regardless of seniority, is looking on the web so building our employer value proposition is now highly achievable through the capabilities of our Volcanic website.

    Director, Sharp and Carter

The requirements

  • A website that accelerates the digital growth of Sharp & Carter
  • A platform that will attract candidates and engage clients
  • Offers real-time reporting metrics that underpins digital management information
  • Assists in the building of an enviable employer value proposition
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  • Putting Volcanic to the test

    ​Even though Volcanic came highly recommended, we still tested their platform to ensure we could extract the data we needed and drive the experience forwards. Let’s take an example, candidates have the ability to just register straight through the platform and the SEO tools will boost the organic search of the job advert. That was amazing. Equally remarkable was the automation tools to seamlessly integrate all our candidate requirements – the experience for them could be – and was - transformed overnight.

    Director, Sharp and Carter

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Impressive metrics underlined the decision to change

Sharp & Carter’s impressive growth can be witnessed by just some of their reporting metrics:

  • Candidate applications have increased 145% from August 2020 to August 2022.

  • Bounce rate decreased markedly once we transferred to Volcanic. Dropped from 67% to on average 18%

  • Session data is up year-on-year on average up 38%

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