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Recruitment marketer looking happy with recruitment website by Access Volcanic
  • ​With our ever-evolving website from Volcanic it makes it easy to build our brand digitally

    We’re in a niche sector, but performance from our digital platform is fundamental to supporting our growth ambitions. We’re not standing still and we’re continually evolving and have one eye on the future too. Working with partners like Volcanic that understand our industry helps our drive to stay at the forefront of recruitment to the defence and security industry in Australia.

    Operations Manager, Vertical Scope

  • ​Our Volcanic website lets us to compete in the defence and security sector for candidates

    The old adage to the first step to being professional is you have to look professional. So putting the time and the effort into focusing on things like your website and social media are big factors. It's critical for success.

    Operations Manager, Vertical Scope

The brief

  • Work with a supplier who understood the recruitment sector and could design and develop a website to attract candidates
  • Leverage SEO tools to provide more online brand visibility
  • Build Vertical Scope's employer value proposition
  • Provide the business the ability to compete in the recruitment of professionals in the defence and security arenas in Australia
Vertical Scope staying ahead of the competition with an Access Volcanic recruitment website
  • A powerful website built for candidate attraction

    ​We now have a really impressive website and it demonstrates our brand digitally, featuring content, jobs and advice that resonates with our target audiences. We’ve spent a lot of time with SEO tools embedded in the platform and this is bearing fruit. Being found on the search engines is so satisfying.

    Operations Manager, Vertical Scope

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