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  • As the candidate journey demands more focus, our website will continue to evolve, and that underlines our reason to partner with Volcanic – a business that clearly knows recruitment

    ​We found out about Volcanic through an internal recommendation from another TXM Group brand who is an existing customer and has had a great experience.Although we had already built up an idea of how Volcanic could work for us, we then spoke to their team who took the time to understand our needs as a business so they could tailor their solution for us. This was an outstanding selling point. They wanted to understand what we wanted to achieve so they could help us get there. It was clear how Volcanic could make a difference to our candidate attraction strategy.

    Managing Director, TXM Group

  • ​The integrations that the Volcanic platform offers with our back office means we can track the entire candidate lifecycle, and report accurately on it

    This is crucial as we track, measure and benchmark our return on investment. We can also demonstrate our ability to work successfully with clients too. After all, a website is likely to be the first destination anyone looking for a supplier will land, and Volcanic has given us the opportunity to display our credentials and experience working with some of the leading names in industry. Our Volcanic website has added efficiency and effectiveness to our processes, ensuring our colleagues aren't constantly focusing on candidate attraction – our Volcanic website is doing exactly what we need it to do.

    Managing Director, TXM Group

"The detail provided in Volcanic’s reporting suite helps us track the candidate journey and its fundamental integrating abilities means it’s an essential tool to our recruitment business."

Managing Director, TXM Group

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Group of colleagues celebrating over their new Volcanic website
  • All the tools we need to strengthen our digital presence

    ​The additional benefit of working with Volcanic is its influence when it comes to building and cementing our digital position. Content and images can be uploaded and manipulated when we want and we can also utilise the SEO tools available to ensure our content is optimised to grow our digital base organically.

    Managing Director, TXM Group

  • Exemplary service and support

    Our support available through Volcanic is extremely open and the comms are exactly what they should be between us. The recommendation came across loud and clear but we still needed that point of contact, and our account managers have been outstanding.

    Managing Director, TXM Group

Man smiling while on the phone and looking at website on laptop

“Volcanic is an easy system to use and there’s so much flexibility in the design and the platform to help it control what we want to do. We are continuing to grow and that, in part, is down to working with great tech like Volcanic. It’s been a revelation in how we do things.”

Managing Director, TXM Group

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