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  • ​What is your favourite feature on your Volcanic website?

    ​While it's difficult to choose just one favourite feature, the job search functionality on the website is sublime and also transformative. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also enables us to efficiently manage applications and improve our recruitment process.

    Peter Hughes, Managing Director

  • ​Connected recruitment technology is now essential to operating efficiency – who do you integrate your Volcanic website with? “

    Being seamlessly integrated was a key driver for us. Volcanic is clearly adept in this region including our CRM system and multi-posting tools. This integration has streamlined our processes, improved efficiency, and effectively managed candidate data. It’s win-win for productivity

    Peter Hughes, Managing Director

What were your business objectives that you wanted your new website to help achieve?

“It's a good question and we really drilled down into what we wanted from the new site. We’ve all long since moved on from having a website behaving as a shop window: 

  • Boost our employer brand: We wanted a site to tell ‘our story’ to help us to attract the best talent build trust with potential clients.

  • Attract top candidates: We wanted our website to serve as a magnet for talented professionals, providing an intuitive platform for them to explore job opportunities and easily submit their applications. Volcanic's job search functionality and user-friendly interface ensured a seamless experience for candidates, increasing their engagement and conversion rates.

  • Enhancing user experience and conversion rates: Our goal was to provide a seamless user experience, ensuring that visitors to our website would have a positive and engaging interaction. 

  • Improving SEO and online visibility: Volcanic's SEO-friendly infrastructure helps us perform in the digital space and when you align it with the reporting capabilities open to us, we can fine-tune as we go and at times when we want.

  • Attracting new clients: We wanted to showcase our expertise and services, capturing the attention of potential clients and encouraging them to partner with us for their recruitment needs. Volcanic's platform allowed us to highlight our industry knowledge and showcase our track record, effectively positioning us as a trusted recruitment partner."

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  • ​How was your experience working with the entire Volcanic team - from initial conversation to ongoing support and relationship development?

    Our experience working with the entire Volcanic team has been outstanding – from beginning to end. From the initial conversation, where we discussed our goals and requirements, to the ongoing support and relationship development, they have shown a high level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication. They clearly know recruitment inside, out. The results speak for themselves.

    Peter Hughes, Managing Director

  • Congratulations on your newly launched website. You’ve been with Access Volcanic for a while, what made you choose the business initially?

    When it came to revamping our recruitment website,, we knew we needed a partner who could bring our vision to life whilst also offering a future-proof solution – we didn’t want to have an out-of-date site as soon as we launched! After careful consideration, we chose Volcanic for their exceptional reputation in the industry and their proven track record of creating innovative and visually stunning recruitment websites - that evidently work! We have worked with Volcanic since 2015, know them, and trust their expertise – loyalty, and longevity mean a lot to us.

    Peter Hughes, Managing Director

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How do you feel your Volcanic website will help you meet your business objectives and succeed in the future?

“By choosing Volcanic as our website partner, we are confident that we have set the perfect set-up for achieving our business objectives and future success. Volcanic's SaaS platform provides us with a robust and scalable solution that continually updates to incorporate the latest features and industry best practices. This ensures that our website remains at the forefront of technology, delivering an exceptional user experience and helping us attract and retain top talent.

Moreover, Volcanic's seamless integration capabilities have allowed us to connect our website with other recruitment tools and systems we use, such as our Bullhorn. Such integration enhances our operational efficiency, streamlines our processes – all meaning we can focus on relationship development. Such tech – at the tips of our fingers – can now do a lot of heavy lifting.

With our Volcanic-powered website, we have improved our online visibility, attracted a wider pool of candidates and clients, and established a strong employer brand. We are confident that our partnership with Volcanic will support our continued growth and success in the highly competitive recruitment market. And we only expect that to grow and grow.”

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