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BMS Performance Australia outstanding Technology Industrial B2B Graduate recruitment agency

As soon as we begun discussing with Volcanic, it was demonstrable this was the right direction for us. And we haven’t looked back. We’re delighted with our Volcanic website

About BMS Performance Australia

BMS Performance Australia is growing its reputation in APAC and across North America specialising in recruiting sales professionals to the technological and industrial sectors. With competition fierce in these sectors, BMS Performance is forging an enviable reputation and now boasts a growing team, including colleagues in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and, most recently, the Philippines. Together they are serving a growing roster of clients eager to work with recruiters who know and understand recruitment.

The requirements

  • A recruitment website establishes our place digitally…. and integrates
  • Develop a digital presence that scales as BMS Performance Australia does
  • Puts the business on pole position in attracting job seekers and clients
  • Helps support growth ambitions in the territories served

A recruitment website establishes our place digitally…. and integrates

For BMS Performance Australia we were keen to follow a bespoke route when it came to our digital presence. I felt this was going to be the best route forwards for us and leverage our approach to recruitment in APAC.

However, it quickly became clear that building our own website wasn’t going to give BMS Performance the ROI and, in practical terms, would be an unnecessary headache to administer and integrate with back office systems.

Having worked in the UK for other recruiters, I was familiar with Volcanic and their credentials are outstanding. They really know the market and know what agencies need and want from a website. Volcanic’s approach made me feel like I was getting a website made for recruitment agencies and would echo to the brand values of BMS Performance Australia.

Visible on search and ready for growth​

There’s no hiding from it, we have to invest time and effort in SEO. An agency like BMS Performance AU must invest time to be found on the search engines – they are so dominant in every way of life. Volcanic’s platform is set up for us to improve our SEO, but the

team at Volcanic are not just leaving us to it. They are there when we need them and their support further underlines why we bought from them. The help is proactive and practical meaning we can make positive actions daily. The tools are embedded in the content management system to maximise search methodology – Google4Jobs helps the awareness of the roles we are working. Also, the content that accentuates our employer

brand is now leveraging good search intentions on Google, Bing which will help us in the future.

Complementary to recruiting life

The debate has been raging for a while about the future of job boards, and in Australia, it is dominated by one – SEEK. We are not in a position to drop the job board completely, but the setup we have with our recruitment website means we have harmonizing ways of attracting job seekers. Clients expect to see us on SEEK, so we’ll continue with that however, our impressive site means we could be self-sufficient in the future. We are in a win-win situation and we’ll help support the continuing growth of BMS Performance Australia.

On pole position to attract candidates & clients

It’s definitely a candidate-driven market at the moment, and whilst they may need a little more finding they are definitely there. My team now, with the automation in place, can focus on finding talent that can be introduced to our client base.

Hiring managers shouldn’t be forgotten either. If we focus overly on candidate identification but not on listening to client needs, we won’t have the clients to work with! That’s another area where our Volcanic recruitment website can and does give us another tool in our armoury. The website provides the canvas to demonstrate how we work with other hirers – it’s the proof of previous success.

BMS Performance Australia are in a great place and we’re frequently looking at new territories where we can influence the recruitment landscape – our recruitment website is a key tool we’ll be leaning on.Our mantra to clients and hiring managers is ‘enabling growth through talent’ – we can apply this more readily than ever before and this helps us in our continual desire to move forward.

BMS Performance Australia technology and IT and Information Technology recruitment

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