Salasungo: Choosing SaaS for success

  • Company size

    1-10 employees

  • Specialism

    Technology, Data, HRM, Legal & Finance

  • Headquarters

    Munich, Germany

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Salasungo Recruitment Website by Volcanic

In search of a SaaS solution

Volcanic have spoken a lot about what sets a SaaS recruitment website solution apart from a standard website designed and built by freelancers or non-specialists in the recruitment industry.

When Paul Emmler, Founder and Director of Salasungo Recruitment, set out on his journey of sourcing a recruitment website provider, he was looking for a website solution that not only enhanced his online presence to attract candidates and clients, but that could also provide the agility to change and grow with his start-up recruitment business:

I wasn't satisfied with the offers I had received from potential web designers who could only provide a standard website without automatic updates or the ability to make agile changes.

Such an offer would have been costly in the start-up phase and would not have allowed us to continuously adapt our website as we change and grow as a business.

I was looking for a SaaS (software as a service) solution. I regularly use SaaS products like Spotify and Netflix in my day-to-day life, and I wanted to be able to adopt a similar solution for Salasungo.

I came across Volcanic when I discovered they were an integrated partner of our CRM provider. I read through Volcanic's offer and I was instantly impressed and convinced that Volcanic would be the right partner for Salasungo.

Toolkit for growth and global reach

To reflect Salasungo's value-based recruitment services and their operating principles of honesty and transparency, competence and excellence, it was essential that their recruitment website offered:

  • Enhanced online presence and a strengthened brand

  • Flexibility in order to support Salasungo's business growth

  • Multi-lingual functionality, with site content available in both English and German

  • Clear representation of the four specialist sectors, providing an easy user experience for candidates to navigate and search for jobs within a specific sector

This is exactly what Volcanic were able to provide.

Salasungo Principles

The results: Success with SaaS

​Reflecting on Paul's experience of working in partnership with Volcanic, he adds:

Thanks to Volcanic's agile SaaS solution, Salasungo has been able to deal with changes to our website independently, without any complications or reliance on technical support. Aside from content updates, there are also continuous legal changes that website operators must take into account in order to ensure their website stays compliant.

With Volcanic's automatic updates and adjustments, we are assured that our website is always up to date.

Not only has the Salasungo website supported their growth journey, it has also positively impacted candidate engagement:

We've seen an increase in the response rate to our candidate outreach since going live with our website, as we're able to showcase our expertise and offer an easy job search and application experience. We regularly receive positive feedback with regard to the UX and unique design of our website.

Choosing Volcanic and its SaaS solution was one of the best decisions we made in the entire start-up process of our business.

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