Tandem Talent: Rapid Website Delivery to Win Clients with Volcanic Go

  • Company size

    2-10 employees

  • Specialism

    Innovation, Technology, and Sustainability

  • Headquarters

    Bristol, UK

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Tandem Talent Website Homepage

Tandem Talent, a new startup recruitment agency specialising in the Innovation, Technology and Sustainability sectors were one of the early adopters of our latest new product, Volcanic Go. Recently featured in our blog post, 'How Agencies can use our Market-Leading Themes to Design the Best Recruitment Website', they are a perfect example of how our theme-based delivery can get agencies up and running with a professional and high-performing website that reflects their brand identity in a matter of weeks.

A Leading SaaS Website Platform with Manageable Costs

For any new startup business, cashflow is vital. So we were thrilled to discover that Volcanic could deliver a website with full job search functionality and a content management system with everything you need to get your brand off the ground, all with no upfront costs!

The monthly subscription fee means that the cost of our website is easily manageable. I've been involved in recruitment websites projects in the past where any upgrades have essentially involved a whole new website build. The fact that upgrades to our website are included in the monthly fee ensures our site remains a high performing recruitment website.

Attracting New Clients

Unsurprisingly given the current candidate-rich climate, one of the key objectives for the Tandem Talent website is to attract and win new clients. This will be achieved through a strategic content plan of testimonials and blog posts covering relevant topics for their target audience, supported by the SEO tools on the Volcanic platform to boost visibility and reach.

One of the key objectives of our site is to win client business. We are looking to achieve this by using the tools available to us on the Volcanic CMS, building up our library of testimonials and also writing regular blogs which we will be sharing on our social media platforms.

Up and Running in Weeks

One of the benefits of our Volcanic Go offering, particularly for fast-moving startups, is the rapid delivery. We've spent years investing in R&D to build a website platform exclusively recruiters, and with a comprehensive library of best-in-class themes, all that's needed is for you to select your theme, load your content, and you're ready to go!

The speed of delivery is completely down to you. We went live within three weeks of saying "Let's do this". I am pretty sure Volcanic can do it faster, but I'd be surprised if any recruitment business can produce all the content and visuals faster!

Working with Volcanic

We had a great experience working with Volcanic. Our Project Manager, Sophie, was really helpful throughout the entire build process. Ultimately, once you have had a demo and selected your theme, the product is so intuitive that you shouldn't need much help from the team!

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