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  • Playing a role in EVP

    ​In the recruitment environment, we use our platform to integrate to CRMs and other back-office tech to attract candidates and engage clients, but it’s also incredibly dynamic in painting the picture of what the business is like and that plays an incredibly influential role in attracting new consultants and staff to Hedley Scott.

    Director, Hedley Scott

  • SaaS keeps Hedley Scott ahead of competitors

    ​We are very happy our website is on Volcanic’s SaaS platform. Hedley Scott now has access to an ongoing number of innovations developed for other brands. In 2021, we saw a95% increase in users to the website. In the same period, we witnessed an increase of 105% in page views. In the first six months of 2022, we have seen a 36% increase in users over the exact same period in 2021. So our growth is sustained and constant, and the applications are matching this upward trend.

    Director, Hedley Scott

The requirement

  • Underline Hedley Scott's expertise in accountancy and tax environments with a digital platform that promotes expertise

  • Increase our automation and drive efficiency in the business enabling Hedley Scott to compete with recruiters placing candidates and satisfy clients

  • Deliver management information that helps build strategic direction

  • Paint the picture of life at Hedley Scott and build EVP

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  • Candidates will become clients - building a relationship with our Volcanic website

    ​We want to be seen as an authority in the accounting and finance space – our website was a key step on the way to showcasing our abilities and credentials. The accounting community is incredibly important to us so whether that’s candidates or clients – we want to be best positioned to be thought of first for incisive recruiting in the space. We are also acutely aware that candidates can become clients anyway so delivering is key at all times.

    Director, Hedley Scott

  • Working with recruitment website specialists

    We felt that Volcanic was a higher level specialist to the recruitment industry. They understood the challenges affecting recruiters today and could take our requirements and deliver a digital platform that we felt really showcased our business – and gave us the functionality to drive what we needed including loading jobs, reporting accurately and, adding to our blog. Ultimately, it was an easy decision and one that I’m delighted we made.

    Director, Hedley Scott

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