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  • SaaS makes life easier – flexible, accommodating, dynamic and future-proof

    ​The SaaS offering from Volcanic helps make our lives easier. We didn’t want to go down the road of developing our own site and so with a recruitment specialist building proven sites that we still control means it is win-win. The coding makes it easier for us to use features already developed by the team at Volcanic. Additionally, it’s pain-free to make amendments.

  • Helping build for the future

    ​We’ve built a reputation we are proud of, but we also recognize we need proven suppliers to help us build for the next 45 years. We’ve already seen a marked increase in applications via our website from Volcanic, visitor data is up and feedback on our website has been glowing. We’re looking forward to our future.

The requirement:

  • A website that attracts candidates

  • A digital presence that assists the development of relationships with new and existing clients

  • Digitally realign the new website to complement Paxus' outstanding recruiting abilities

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  • ​Another reason...

    ​Another reason for investing in a new recruitment website from Volcanic was to underline our specialisms and educate visitors. We’re proud of our successes and our abilities and websites are a perfect forum in which to demonstrate that. The tools within the Volcanic website allows us to easily add content, including blogs and case studies and to let our brand bubble.

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Embracing and accelerating digital realignment

"You can’t underestimate the value and importance search engines have on a brand trying to reach out to prospective customers, and we’re no different. That's why we wanted our website to be relatable to customers looking for an IT recruitment partner - we certainly have the credentials, but can these prospects find us and read our success stories? They can now.

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