Frank Belford: Salesforce Consultancy

  • Company size

    11-50 employees

  • Specialism

    Salesforce Consultancy

  • Headquarters

    London, UK

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Frank Belford

About Frank Belford

Frank Belford is UK consultancy, specialising in Salesforce products. Located across 2 locations, London & India, with Salesforce developers and customisation specialist able to deliver across a global footprint. They help our clients overcome hurdles by supporting them at every stage of their project, from scoping, delivery and adoption.

Frank Belford's Salesforce Services include:

  • Consultancy

Salesforce Consultants and Salesforce Architects help customer strategies and translate business needs into a future proof solution

  • Build

Salesforce Developers and Configuration Specialists help to translate your business requirements in a functional design and deliver.

  • Managed

Salesforce certified administrators will provide you business support, training and maintain your Salesforce products so you don't have to.

Frank Belford and Volcanic

​Our partnership and integration with Frank Belford enables Volcanic websites to integrate with all Salesforce products.

Watch our video of Founder and Director of Frank Belford, Twain Henry-Lucas, with Volcanic's Enterprise Sales Director, Darren Curtis, discussing everything you need to know about how our integration works and how it enables Volcanic websites to integrate with Salesforce.

How do Volcanic websites integrate with Salesforce?

  • Job Applications

Receive all job applications directly against your live job instantly. All candidates will be associated to your job and ready for you to review and action.

  • Job Postings

Post jobs directly from your Salesforce CRM to your Volcanic website with a single click. This real-time connection means any changes, updates or removal of the job will automatically be synced between the two platforms.

  • Candidate Records

Candidates who register on your Volcanic website will automatically be synced with your Salesforce CRM. This will create or update an existing candidate record from their Volcanic profile and parse in their most recent resume/CV. This is a 2-way sync, allowing users to update candidate records in their Salesforce CRM and simultaneously update the candidate’s Volcanic profile.

  • ​Candidate Source Tracking

The Volcanic platform enables you to track the source of your application via the website, whether it has come from LinkedIn or Job Alerts in the candidate portal. Our integration pushes this data directly into Salesforce.

  • GDPR Module

Frank Belford provides a custom GDPR tool for Salesforce. Any application that comes through a Volcanic website from a candidate who has previously requested the right to be forgotten will kick-start a process of reactivating the candidate, re-sharing the privacy policy with them, and notifying the recruiter once the candidate is successfully reactivated.

  • Filter Questions Highlighting Top Applicants

Create filter questions on your Volcanic application forms to ensure candidates meet the specified criteria for the role. Our integration highlights the applicants that meet the criteria within Salesforce, saving you time and making it easier to spot the best applications.

  • Configurable and Manageable

Our integration allows you to manage the data sync points and field mappings simply using the Frank Belford Volcanic management tool, enabling your business to grow and adapt.

Frank Belford

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