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  • Moving beyond candidate attraction to candidate engagement

    ​It allows us to talk to clients about things like diversity. As an example, in the engineering sector, it’s well documented that they have a challenge getting women to apply for roles. We have the ability to see that female candidates have looked but not applied for these roles, which allows us to retarget them and communicate with those people in a different way. We can now be smarter with our approach. 

    Marketing Director, Search

  • A more cost-effective alternative to job boards

    ​The reporting area has been so important for us. Having the visibility of what works and what hasn't worked well has enabled us to switch off job boards so that we can reallocate spend to more effective channels.

    Marketing Director, Search

The requirements

With a strong brand name in the industry, volume of candidate traffic was less of a challenge for Search. Instead, it was essential that a Volcanic website could provide Search Consultancy with the following:

  • GDPR Compliance

  • Google for Jobs optimisation

  • Clearer reporting to gain deeper understanding of candidate traffic

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  • ​It’s a big move when you switch to a SaaS platform, but once you have it provides you with the ability to stay ahead on a constant basis.

    This then enables marketing teams to go above and beyond because you know that the basics, such as GDPR compliance, are taken care of for you. You no longer have the requirement of having to re-evaluate your website in 2 years, as you know it’s changing and updating with your business.

    Marketing Director, Search

  • Volcanic's platform has enabled us to drive our strategy and be proactive.

    As the industry continues to change - such as Google for jobs and the changing job board landscape - we can continue to drive to be at the top of its performance.

    Marketing Director, Search

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The results

The results of this visibility really do speak for themselves, as Search recently reported the following:

  • 60% of successful candidates applied directly via the website

  • 51% increase in temp placements from website in 1 year

  • 58% increase in perm placements from website in 1 year

  • 40% increase in perm ROI generated from website in 1 year

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