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    Staffing and Recruiting Platform from ATS to Native Pay and Bill Management

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As longstanding Bullhorn Marketplace partners, we offer our clients a fully integrated end-to-end solution. Volcanic websites seamlessly integrate with Bullhorn CRMs in a GDPR-compliant, single sign-on system.

We really appreciated the Volcanic and Bullhorn partnership because this ensured that all the heavy lifting around the critical integration of our website and CRM was being managed by the two tech providers working with our best interests in mind.

- Lloyd Connect

Volcanic and Bullhorn Integration

Process automation customised for your business

Our native integration enables candidate and job data to flow seamlessly between your CRM and website. Jobs will transfer from Bullhorn to your Volcanic website. As you publish new jobs within Bullhorn they will automatically appear on your website. Equally as jobs are removed or expired within Bullhorn they will automatically be removed from your website.

When candidates register or apply for jobs on your website, their data will be sent directly into your Bullhorn account. No need to manually load candidate data received via email - cutting down on admin, safeguarding data and saving you time.

You can also customise the data fields to capture additional information.

Real-time updates between CRM and website

Extend your integration with our 2-way data sync, placing Bullhorn as the single point of truth for candidate data, with no risk of data being out of date on either your CRM or website.

When a candidate record is modified in your CRM any mapped fields are automatically synchronised with the candidate record stored by Volcanic.

This means that a candidate can always see the data you hold for them, and can be sure it is accurate.
Additionally, this allows Single Sign On integrations to be enabled in your Candidate Dashboard to seamlessly log candidates in to your other systems.

For more information, download our integration brochure:

Volcanic Bullhorn Integration Brochure

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You can also find out more by watching our our integration in action below:

Bullhorn and Volcanic

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