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How is the recruitment industry recovering from COVID-19​?

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How the recruitment industry is responding to COVID-19​

Over 300 professionals across the recruitment industry completed a survey to have their say about the impact COVID-19 has had on their jobs, their business and their life. Led by performance marketing specialists Talent Nexus, and supported by 9 other suppliers to the industry including Volcanic, the objective was to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges being faced as a result of coronavirus. This page details the findings and the conclusions that Volcanic has drawn from the data.

Whitepaper: Recruitment Recovery Guide


Recruitment Recovery Guide: Helping recruiters move from protect to prosper.

Find out how what steps you can take towards recovery and how you can best optimise your resources to become a future-ready organisation.

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Press release: Recruiters respond to COVID-19

Recruiters’ Response to Covid-19 is Not Aligned to Their In-House Counterparts Reveals Industry Survey

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Press release

Webinar: Volcanic and Talent Nexus discuss the results



Watch as we cover the following topics:

  1. Impact on jobs

  2. Impact on businesses

  3. Impact on people

  4. Impact on suppliers

  5. Steps towards recovery

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Blog: 5 Strategies Recruiters Are Employing to Survive COVID-19

Based on analysis from our survey, this blog details 5 strategies recruiters are employing in order to deal with the here and now, cope in the coming weeks, and plan for the future.

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Survey results: Now available on the Talent Nexus website



The full results of the survey are now available on the Talent Nexus website.

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