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5 steps to gain stakeholder buy-in for your new recruitment website

Stakeholder Buyin
Chris Phillips
by Chris Phillips

Creating a new recruitment website is an exciting and important step for any business. It helps to attract candidates, raises your profile in the industry, and generates new client business. But how can you make sure that stakeholders are on board? Whilst we can't help you with the direct buy-in from your stakeholders, please visit Our Work, which showcases a number of recruitment agencies across the globe who have bought from us and are building their agencies successfully.

How to get buy-in from stakeholders to see your point of view for the need of a new recruitment website

When it comes to buy-in for a new recruitment website, stakeholders play a critical role in the process. It’s important to be able to properly communicate and illustrate the value that a new recruitment website can bring. Look at the performance and output of your current site. This can involve highlighting statistics such as cost savings on yearly basis or an easy-to-use interface that will improve user experience. Furthermore, to ensure stakeholder buy-in, explaining the benefits that stakeholders can experience with the implementation of a new recruitment website is key. Doing so reinforces the potential impact in which each stakeholder can properly leverage it while conveying the importance of developing a better recruitment process.Here's our checklist to ensure you are on the right track:

  • Identifying the right stakeholders to target

    When launching a new recruitment website, buy-in from the right stakeholders is essential to its success. This buy-in requires engaging with multiple personnel across departments like your consultants, account managers, IT and senior management. As part of the buy-in process, it's important to identify the most suitable individuals from each team who can provide feedback and support to implement the website effectively. Furthermore, outlining how this new recruitment website could help optimise performance for their particular department may increase buy-in even further. Additionally, establishing senior management team buy-in first could strengthen buy-in among other colleagues and make implementation smoother. In conclusion, ensuring these critical stakeholders are identified early on in the buy-in campaign for a new recruitment website is paramount for its ultimate success.

  • Be prepared for objections from stakeholders

    When trying to gain buy-in from stakeholders for a new recruitment website, it's important to anticipate and address the concerns they might have. All stakeholders will come into the conversation with their own objectives in mind and could potentially hold different perceptions about the new recruitment website. Understanding these common objections and taking steps to assuage them can help build buy-in and buy time to fully explain why investing in the new recruitment website is an important endeavour. With thorough research, it's possible to determine what type of objections or hesitations stakeholders may have, so that strategies can be crafted to effectively counter any arguments presented.

  • Do your research on vendors to present to stakeholders to counter any objections

    Be sure to do your research. Ask around to know what vendors are the most reputable. Look up customer reviews and industry resources, in order to find out exactly what you'll be getting from each vendor. Talk with stakeholders who have been involved with implementing a recruitment website before to add their input as well. That way, when it comes time to buy-in for a new recruitment website, you can invest confidently - knowing that each vendor has been thoroughly vetted and makes sense for your particular needs.

    By following these tips, you can effectively work on buy-in from stakeholders and make the implementation process of your new recruitment website smoother. With sufficient buy-in, it's possible to launch a successful recruitment website that meets the needs of all involved parties.

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  • Have a budget and be committed to it

    When considering a buy-in for a new recruitment website for an organisation, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your budget is managed correctly. A sound budget and a commitment to it is essential. Doing your research and take the time to think through the implementation of a new recruitment website requires smart spending and preparation. This will also be part of your conversations with vendors, too.

    Planning ahead allows you to leverage resources between departments, select appropriate hosting providers and make sure any maintenance or troubleshooting is covered with additional funds while staying on budget. It is also essential to set expectations regarding process timescales and create guidelines for milestones to ensure successful buy-in into the new recruitment website.

  • Assembling the right project team

    When it comes to launching a new recruitment website in the UK, buy-in from the project team is paramount. Creating an engaged group of people to support the endeavour and ensure that everyone is on board throughout the entire process can catalyse success and help achieve buy-in from stakeholders throughout the organisation. For effective buy-in, define roles and responsibilities of each person in the project team as well as how their effort contributes to the overall goal. Providing clear guidance at every stage and gathering feedback encourages healthy collaboration and ensures that each member of the team understands what's expected of them. With buy-in from your project team, implementing anew recruitment website for your company should be relatively smooth sailing.


Gaining buy-in from stakeholders for a new recruitment website can be challenging. By following the tips outlined above and doing your research, it is possible to anticipate objections before they arise and provide sound answers to any questions that may come up. Additionally, having a budget, assembling the right project team, and defining roles and responsibilities will help ensure buy-in from stakeholders and successful implementation of your new recruitment website.  Doing all this will help ensure buy-in for a new recruitment website that meets the needs of everyone involved.

It is essential to do research on vendors, have a budget, and assemble a project team that can carry out the implementation process successfully. With buy-in from stakeholders in place, it is possible to launch a new recruitment website that meets the needs of everyone involved. Good luck!

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Farhan Litt is a website software specialist for Access Volcanic. When he’s not helping recruitment agencies drive their candidate and client attraction strategy through recruitment websites, Farhan enjoys following Formula 1, especially the Mercedes Benz F1 Team. He’s also a very good singer.

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