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by Chris Phillips

Stick to tried and tested or explore new tech in finding ‘unicorn’ candidates?

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In reality, it’s copious helpings of both. On Thursday, 4th November, Volcanic’s Darren Curtis was joined by Janine Owen from The Talent Crowd and Gordon Webb from Idibu to discuss ‘Conquering the Candidate Conundrum – how to win the war for talent’. With over a million live vacancies in the UK, the economy has sprung back into life but to thrive recruiters need to be savvy, agile, and dynamic.

In a wide-ranging discussion, the panel explored many avenues open to recruiters as they seek to fill jobs ahead of their competition. With Brexit, the pandemic, skills shortages, and passive candidates being reasons why the pendulum has swung from a client-driven arena to candidates now occupying the driver's seat, what can recruiters do to nurture and grow their position?

In Darren, Janine and Gordon, we had three extremely experienced recruitment professionals. In this on-demand webinar, you can listen to their views on the market and how things have changed, and what should be on the radar of recruitment leaders, marketers, and technology professionals in the short, medium, and long term.

Here are a few snapshots of what you can learn from our on-demand webinar:

- The lesson of advertising in newspapers that should be motivation to the job boards

- Search your CRM first or job board posting first?

- The war for talent is about perm AND contract professionals

- The advances LinkedIn are making

- Don’t be scared of the encouragement of personal brand building

- Programmatic advertising – why it’s the future

- And so much more.

Click here to watch our on-demand webinar. Boil the kettle, this is a fantastic webinar.

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Conquering the candidate conundrum – winning the war for talent webinar


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