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Personal branding. Don’t fail to exploit your agency’s unique killer content

Personal Branding
Chris Phillips
by Chris Phillips

Brand building in business is commonplace. If a company isn’t building and profiling its brand, something is wrong.

So why aren’t we applying this thinking to personal branding and actively encouraging this practice amongst sales teams? Your personal brand works much as it does for a business, albeit it’s more individual. It’s a combination of the skills, personality, and experience that you want others to see.

In the recent webinar “Supercharging your recruitment digital marketing”, Darren Curtis from Volcanic and Darren Westall of Paiger discussed the impact of personal brand building delivering hugely beneficial outcomes for recruitment agencies.

A competitive advantage
Used effectively, LinkedIn should be a door opener and at best a generator of inbound leads. Personal brands thrive on this professional business platform.

Old school managers used to be nervous about consultants profiling themselves and thereby being open and visible to headhunters. Personal branding is essentially a sales tool, so why would you hold back a hungry consultant for fear of them being poached?

You’re limiting your business’ potential if your consultants are not developing their own personal brand which ultimately feeds into your brand. There’s so many more positives than negatives.

Driving the conversation
A consultant that has established their own personal brand and followers can help you make more placements. Whether that be through referrals from their network for open vacancies, or simply by being known and therefore improving the acceptance of invites and email opens by prospective clients.

Credibility is borne out of a compelling and consistent narrative that tells people who you are, what you’re good at, and interested in. By driving the conversation consultants are more able to counter objections. In fact they are less likely to face objections as they will bypass the gatekeeper.

Amplify your message

In most recruitment firms the majority of staff are likely to be sales-focused, meaning they have a personal vested interest in promoting your business. Failing to tap into them as a channel to broadcast your brand messaging and jobs is simply a wasted opportunity. Investing in training and tools to help them amplify your message should provide a measurable return on any investment.

For more top tips about exploiting the power of personal branding watch our on-demand webinar “Supercharging your recruitment digital marketing” with Darren Curtis from Volcanic and Darren Westall from Paiger.

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