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by Chris Phillips
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​Since lockdown (and furlough) began in March 2020, the pendulum has swung back from clients and hiring managers to candidates and talent. It’s not just the pandemic that’s served this – Brexit, skills shortages and passive candidates has made recruiting more challenging.

How long will this status prolong for? Who’s to say, but where’s there’s challenge there are opportunities. And we know how opportunistic and forward-thinking recruitment decision-makers, recruitment marketers and recruitment consultants are.

Volcanic has teamed up with industry experts Idibu and The Talent Crowd to deliver an insightful webinar which will paint the picture of the current status quo, how it will evolve, how tech can be a guiding light and offer practical advice to help you navigate into and beyond 2022. In a wide-ranging panel discussion, Idibu's Gordon Webb and The Talent Crowd’s Janine Owen, join Volcanic's Darren Curtis to discuss recruitment's current hot topic.

Conquering the candidate conundrum – winning the war for talent - Thursday 4th November, 11am

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