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Your recruitment website never sleeps! 5 reasons why it's your best marketing investment

5 Reasons Your Website Doesnt Sleep

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​The news that job vacancies in the UK has reached record levels (source: ONS) underlines how the UK economy is bouncing back after lockdown. Every industry sector is enjoying a boom in recruiting new members of staff but continued challenges are presenting obstacles. Brexit is still casting a shadow, as is the ongoing ‘pingdemic’ meaning businesses can’t operate optimally.

Still, the challenges remain for recruiters to find quality candidates in the current market. So, what do you do?

  • Accept that you aren't getting the results you want/need from your current strategy.

  • Think of another strategy to try to achieve that end goal.

  • Plan how you are going to implement that new strategy.

  • Keep the status quo.

  • Monitor progress.

Could recruiters be applying alternative strategies in order to achieve different results desired? After all the war for talent is ongoing, and not competing could be the difference between success and failure.

What COVID did was swing the pendulum away from clients dominating the market to it now being a candidate short environment, and the prediction is this will be the status quo for some time.

Marketing your agency and applying different tactics is essential for every agency but after the prolonged period of lack of activity, the budget might not be there for an expensive brand-building campaign. But in truth, the secret to success could be right under your nose. Your website. Here’s why:

Always on
Investing in a website that performs will capture the attention of passing candidates whenever they are casually browsing for their next job. A capable, performing website is like another digital head in the team (but sadly won’t do the tea run – sorry)

Working with back-office systems like your CRM, job board multiposters and screening tools means automation is working well which allows the team of consultants to concentrate on recruiting, if they are concentrating on sourcing talent and building effective relationships, there’s an enhanced chance of success.

Demonstrates your prowess
You’ve done a great job so shout about it. Write case studies, encourage testimonials and update your blog because candidates and clients like to read such great pieces of content – they do believe us.

Saves budget
Hand on heart do job boards give you the ROI you demand? Is continually handing over budget to jobs board “because they are specialists” really relevant and effective use of valuable budget? With the potentiality in your website and the reporting attached to it, you can justify all your ad spend into a new website at a fraction of the cost.

Builds your brand
Fresh content, new jobs, case studies, meet the team are just some of the content ideas that Google loves and so do your candidates and clients – remember people still buy from people, and your website can put you in touch.

Is your recruitment website letting you down? Get in touch today to discuss how Volcanic’s dedicated recruitment platform can set you on the right path. Reach out to discuss in more detail or book your demo here

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