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Automate & Integrate - evolving your digital marketing to attract more candidates and engage clients

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​At 11.30 am on Friday, 20th August 2021, Volcanic’s Darren Curtis joined Adam Oldfield from Force24 and Glenn Southam from TwoEnds for a wide-ranging panel discussion titled ‘Automate and Integrate: Enhancing your recruitment marketing to engaging more candidates’

The reliance on digital marketing by recruitment organisations has evolved markedly in recent times. Recruitment marketers recognise added effectiveness can be achieved for their agency, especially in the fierce war for talent that has gripped the hiring environment since the pandemic began.

Our knowledge and understanding of how recruitment marketing can shift our abilities is developing day-by-day, and with Adam, Darren and Glenn this session was led by three of the most preeminent recruitment technology specialists.

During the session, the panellists addressed topics including:

- How do we keep our monthly newsletter engaging to subscribers?

- Tips on getting buy-in from your employer & the recruitment sales team when rolling out marketing automation

- Getting in front of new candidates

- How can recruitment marketers adapt best practice marketing tactics in recruitment

- The increasing value of content and your website

- Dispelling myths and offering practical advice that’s implementable now.

This was an engaging, informative, and focused webinar on growing your digital presence and doing things more effectively. To catch up and view on-demand, please click on the link below


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