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​A typical day will start with a team Stand-Up at 8.30am (or 7.30am if it's with the APAC team) for 30 minutes. It is a great opportunity for me to check-in and ensure everyone is OK as much as anything but to also set the tone for the day ahead. I like to see what people did at the weekend, or of an evening, as hearing what they enjoy outside of work and what motivates them, helps me to work better with them during the week. By taking a genuine interest you come to realise that everyone is unique, sees success in different ways, aspires for things you may never have considered but more often than not that people simply have far more exciting weekends than you do.....!!

Depending on which day it is, I will then be straight into a leadership, strategy, or Finance meeting. These happen every week, same day, same time but it builds good behaviour and means we are all transparent and fully accountable. These tend to be quite lengthy as you might imagine but what I love is that there is very little room for anecdotal input as we seek to back every argument, sorry healthy exchange, with solid data. Data is the foundation of everything we do so we track everything in Salesforce so that we can make decisions based on fact not just gut feel. Controlling your own narrative is one of our internal mantras here but in order to do that, we need the science behind the sales.

After those meetings, there will be a mix of internal and customer calls, but a lot of my time will be spent with individual team members reviewing performance and looking at various strategies, plans, and initiatives. Developing people is something I really enjoy so it's great to work with the team on their personal growth plans as my role as a leader is to create an environment for others to be successful. This is underpinned by monthly and quarterly reviews that really help people define their own career path.

Early afternoons will usually be spent with Marketing or external Partners. Sales and Marketing work closer together at Access than any other company I have worked at before which is great. We are all on the same side though, so we constantly work together on achieving our common goals. Those meetings usually lead to requests for written articles, webinars, or full blow presentations but Sales are nothing without Marketing, so it is a vital part of the day, and I will always help where I can. That said, I do love the fact that Marketing carry targets in the same way sales does so it's always good to see where they are up to and keep them on their toes!

Partner calls are invaluable too as we work with industry partners to provide our mutual clients the very best solutions available so understanding what they are up to is key, plus it is a great opportunity to gain market insights. I have a genuine love for the sector so hearing about new tech, mergers and acquisitions, new hires are always interesting and help form part of my thinking for the days ahead.

Late afternoons are for emails and admin unless it is urgent of course as those are done at the time, and then depending on the day we will have a sales meeting or deal review session if near month-end.

Salesforce review at 6pm to ensure everything is as it should be and then it will be a case of ensure I have a solid list for the day ahead of not just things to do but of things that must get done - there is a difference! Unless there is anything to be done with our US clients that takes me late in to the evening our time, which there often is and then I will close out the day, safe in the knowledge we have worked hard but more importantly, efficiently and as a team.

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