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Core Web Vitals (CWV) is Google’s page experience update – and it’s sizeable too. It’s not often Google gives prior warning of a algorithm change, but in the case of CWV, they’ve given over six months to developers and web site owners to apply changes.

On Thursday, 22nd April 2021, Volcanic provided the keynote speech at UK Recruiter’s Recruitment Marketing Congress. Here's a summary of what you need to know:

What are Core Web Vitals? By releasing the Core Web Vitals metrics Google is trying to help out website owners understand and improve not just speed but UX as well. This, in essence, is what CWV comprises.

Largest Contentful Paint - loading the largest visual element on the page
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First Input Delay - when your page becomes interactive - when your user clicks a button and the time between the click and something happening. Sometimes there can be things the page is busy still loading in the background, so there is a delay.

Cumulative Layout Shift - now we’ve all experienced this one. When you go to click a link on a page and the whole thing moves and you’ve actually clicked on the ad! You can also read more about this change here:

Why is Google doing it?
Google are releasing this as part of their overall ranking algorithm - and the aim is to make sure that you have healthy pages if you want them to perform well. CWV places even more focus on page performance, aiming to provide a good user experience to candidates, clients and all your visitors!

What recruitment marketers can do about it
Check your data and there are lots of tools to help you! Take a look at your Google Search Console (GSC); this is becoming increasingly important in understand your analytics. Interestingly, there’s a tab specifically set up under enhancements to provide you with an indication of the URLs on your site that are poor or in need of improvement against the CWV metrics, too.

As an alternative to GSC, please use this link “or search “crux report”

This Google tool - Think with Google - showcases real-time improvements as a result of the page optimisations:

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