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“We’ve always done it that way”; fateful words that could undo your candidate journey

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​Recently, Darren Curtis, Sales Director at Volcanic, presented a webinar at Members Only’s Recruitment Supplier Showcase titled “Do you know where your candidates are coming from?”

The pandemic has changed the recruitment environment and the pendulum has swung back towards client hiring requirements. Now, more than ever, tracking where your best candidates have come from is essential for your agency, in tracking ROI and helping identify passive candidates who are not quite ready to move roles just yet.

Let’s set the scene, are these familiar phrases/situations in your agency?

“All our candidates are self gen

"We don’t get anything from social!

"We must have (insert job board name)!”

“Why the hell are we paying for job board XYZ?

“Does it make us money?

These conversations and situations will become even more intense as we return to the world of work and we leave furlough firmly in the rearview mirror. Finding strong candidates is hard, especially on a tight budget. By considering your talent acquisition strategy, it is possible – with source code tracking – to re-evaluate how you use job boards and thus generating even better ROI. As the global lockdown affected every industry, recruiters have reviewed their spend and job boards have come under recruitment executives and decision-makers gaze.

Job boards have long been part of the tapestry of recruitment and can still be incredibly influential if you’re tracking where the applications are being sourced from. Lockdown and the pandemic has changed a lot of things, in recruitment, it’s the precision of talent acquisition; data produced is going to be your new best friend.

This is a quick snapshot of how source tracking has been perceived in the past and how it’s imperative – in the recruitment setting – in the future.

What are just some of the benefits of source code tracking for your recruitment agency?

Allows continual budget approval for effective marketing sources.
Saves you ££££'s.
Helps increase revenue.
And more

You can rewatch the entirety of Darren’s seminar, where he talks in more depth about candidates, eradicating poorly performing channels and intertwining it with your dedicated website, by clicking here.

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