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Thought-provoking seminars, customer panels and product knowledge boosters – Access All Areas 2021 is back

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Access All Areas 2021 is back – register for recruitment focused sessions

Access' upcoming virtual event, running from 9th – 12th March, brings together recruitment professionals and will be filled with informative, engaging and focused seminars to power your passion for recruitment. Volcanic, an Access Company, features in a number of sessions.

This event will be essential for agencies who are looking to make the best use of their software or interested in learning more about how our recruitment technology could power recruitment businesses forwards to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

With thought-provoking seminars, customer panels and product knowledge boosters provided by Access staff and industry-leading guest speakers, Access All Areas has something for every recruitment professional.

Here’s just a handful of sessions for our 2021 event you should look forward to:

Despite the challenging terrain and uncertainty presented by Brexit and the pandemic, Access All Areas 2020 was a major highlight for us. As you can see from this short video it was an exciting and engaging event for all involved.

If you’d like to attend this year’s event, you can register for any of our 14 sessions here.

Furthermore, our new virtual event platform allows attendees to personalise their agenda, meaning they can attend all the slots they wish.

At Access, we continue to push technological boundaries and we are not standing still. We’re excited to welcome you to this year’s Access All Areas where we will provide engaging insights, tech reveals and learning from 2020 that will help us all move forwards.

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