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4 quick tips on getting the best out of your healthcare homepage

4 Quick Tips On Getting The Best Out Of Your Healthcare Homepage
Lillie Ubeid
by Lillie Ubeid

First impressions really do count. This is especially prevalent when it comes to websites. Think about it, you’re searching for a sunny holiday and you stumble on a website with one image from 2003 and a long block of unnecessary text, do you stick around or do you look elsewhere? Now apply the same thoughts to looking for a job. Looking reputable and modern is a must. To help with that, we’ve considered four of the main factors to showcase to grab a visitor’s interest.

1. Header image

The first section of your website that visitors will notice! It needs to be eye-catching and relatable to the purpose of your site. Make sure to use a great image of your buyer personas, which in healthcare, could be a doctor, clinician or even a care-home nurse!

Another option is using a slider for your header image, allowing several different images to reflect a handful of your personas giving them their time to shine which is important in such a diverse and broad industry like the healthcare sector.

2. Job Search

A study of user behaviour on the Volcanic platform found that 90% of users who enter healthcare recruitment websites via the homepage search for a job as their next action. With these findings, it’s important to put a particular focus on your job search placement, colour and layout. 

Often found in-front of or just below the header image, allowing your job search function to be the main focus of your homepage is beneficial when it comes to converting users to candidates. Ensuring that location and job function are separate in the search bar offers more clarity to the user in what they are searching for, increasing the chances of conversion. 

3. Latest jobs

Something visitors look out for when pursuing a job is the latest roles available to them. There is a mentality that has hit the world over the past decade in that we as consumers want the newest, most up-to-date consumable in the market. The same of course applies to jobs. Candidates often have a (not necessarily correct) assumption when it comes to the correlation of newer jobs and their chances of being selected for an interview.

Regardless of the accuracy of this assumption from job-seekers, continually updating your homepage with latest jobs shows your agency is alive and well within the healthcare recruitment market. Coupled with the thought process of ‘new = more chance of an interview’ you’re much more likely to convert those that take a look at your website as you are showing that you’re active.

4. Social feed

Similar to the ‘latest jobs’ functionality, an active social feed is important to a candidate for one reason - and no, it’s not how tasty the cupcakes were on Tuesday. 

Having a social feed shows relevant, new jobs that are open for candidates to apply to. Likewise, having a social feed could also give your agency a personality, along with showing visitors that your agency is actively engaging with clients and candidates alike.

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