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Top 7 tips for creating an award-winning recruitment website

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Luke Patterson
by Luke Patterson

​Creating an award-winning recruitment website is a combination of a number of influences. We all want to be award-winners, right? There's a winner in all of us, but is every recruitment website a potential award winner? The blunt answer is no, they're not.

In a recently published article, What is a Recruitment Website, we discovered how your digital platform can not only set you apart from your competition but also undertake the heavy lifting of attracting candidates and integrating with your recruitment tech like your CRM. When considered in greater depth, an award-winning website delivers a professional, contemporary web presence and can provide a tangible brand boost plus bringing in the candidates you're seeking. When you set out to invest in a new recruitment website, you want it to work first and foremost for your agency. The award-winning part is a by-product of the website working in synchronicity with your agency's operations and achieving success.

At Access Volcanic, we have been creating recruitment websites specifically for recruitment agencies for years. We love it when a client wins an award for their website because it’s a combination of good best practice, user experience and what the business has gone on to succeed in which brings it all together. Have a wander around our Platform to read how we can propel your agency, whatever your size.

Here are our top tips for developing a great website that could you on the road to be an award-winner:

  • Working with the right partner to create your (potentially) award-winning website

When it comes to designing award-winning recruitment websites, finding the right vendor is key. It is especially important to take the time and effort to find a vendor capable of creating an aesthetically pleasing website that offers intuitive navigation, modern design, and industry-leading technology. Award-winning recruitment website design requires a comprehensive understanding of the target user and how they typically interact with sites in this category. Working with the right vendor will ensure your recruitment website stands out against the competition and provides an industry-leading experience for prospective recruits. You might be interested in this blog detailing how Camino Partners worked with Access Volcanic and won an award for the best recruitment website at the National Online Recruitment Awards (NORAs).

  • The value of great recruitment website design

Looking at the history of award-winning recruitment websites they all - without exception - have a high standard of design that set them apart from their competition. Crafting an award-winning website requires an innovative design that engages visitors, accurately reflects existing guidelines and differentiates the company from your competition. A great design for such a website calls for meticulous attention to detail, with thoughtful considerations of user experience and navigation in order to ensure seamless navigation and intuitive flow between pages and sections. When designed well, their recruitment website stands out from its competitors, providing a smooth user journey that is engaging, functional and enjoyable. This combination of factors can be highly beneficial to the growth and reputation of any recruitment company. Importantly, and it's often overlooked, how your website is an extension of your brand. Does your website scream your brand look, feel and values? Be honest. A high number of Access Volcanic customers have won awards at NORAS UK. These prestigious awards recognise the great design and performance of recruitment websites across the UK.

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Discover how Access Volcanic's award-winning recruitment websites can help you stand out from the crowd - book a demo with us to find out how we can help you win clients, candidates and awards.

  • Prioritising usability

The best websites are created with the user in mind and are easily accessible by all. This includes having an intuitive user interface, quick loading speeds, a unique design that communicates your brand message and clearly laid out menus that guides users around the website. It also includes ensuring your content is accessible and can be navigated and interacted with by candidates with physical and neuro disabilities. All of these elements combined create a powerful platform for you to promote your agency. Thereby integrating technology and usability you can reach more, you become a digital powerhouse and you're permitting consultants and other members of your team to focus on what they're recruited for - building relationships. It's a constantly revolving circle. Award-winning recruitment websites don't happen by accident. It takes a combination of strong design and usability to create the perfect platform for launching your business, your brand and yourself as an expert in the field. Want to learn more about creating an award-winning website? You may be interested in our eBook on creating an inclusive candidate experience on your recruitment website, offering practical tips on how to make improvements to remove both physical and emotional barriers from the candidate attraction process.

  • Build strong foundations

Achieving award-winning success with a recruitment website means establishing strong foundations. Designing a recruitment website that engages users and demonstrates expertise starts with understanding user experience as well as the latest design trends. Award-winning recruitment websites incorporate well-thought-out navigation that allows for optimal usability, intuitive design features to ensure an enjoyable experience for users, and features like rich graphics and video content that keep visitors engaged. Once the foundation is set, continually refreshing core elements of the website’s design will help ensure recruiting success for years to come.

  • Leverage your analytics

A lot of success is reviewing the great data you will amass, and delivering an award-winning recruitment website design can also be achieved through applying smart analytics. Leveraging powerful data tools will help you create a user-friendly site design, strengthen engagement with job seekers, and build your reputation as a top recruiter.

Analytics can help you monitor website performance in real-time to quickly identify patterns in page visits and areas for improvement. This data can guide decisions around website enhancements, content creation, and marketing tactics--ultimately helping you to craft an award-winning recruitment website that meets your goals.

  • What has your website done for you lately?

Don't worry, we are not about to break into song, but how have you leveraged your website to recruit more talent? Any judge of an awards panel will be keen to hear and read that your website has substance as well as style. It might look great, but if it doesn't bring in interest you're barking up the wrong tree. Judges will be keen to read how you've used SEO strategies and keywords to build your brand organically. Have you apportioned a Paid budget to attract candidates and/or new clients? Note the results. How has social media extended your website's reach? Pick a defined period to demonstrate your best-in-class success. What resources are available on your website? Do you have a Talent Hub that offers candidates more than just job searching? Maybe you have a blog with compelling content or the ability to undertake psychometric testing? Are there downloads for candidates or readily available case studies of working with clients that other hiring managers might be interested in?

  • With a little bit of luck, you'll have an award-winning recruitment design

Award-winning recruitment websites are the culmination of hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck. Companies invest significant time and energy into designing the perfect website for their recruitment needs, but there's no guarantee that all of that effort will be rewarded with an award. However, if the company is lucky enough to be shortlisted or even win an award for its website design, it can benefit from greater visibility and credibility among potential applicants as well as a boost in morale within the organization. Award-winning recruitment website design offers real long-term benefits to recruitment success. Conclusion As we've discovered, creating an award-winning recruitment website is a combination of factors. The look and design of your website, understanding the user experience, leveraging analytics and making sure your website meets the needs of job seekers, clients and

recruiters will all be taken into account. Taking a data-driven approach to web design will ensure success as you monitor performance in real-time to make quick decisions that provide an outstanding experience for visitors. Leverage all of the resources available to you, such as SEO strategies and social media, to maximize the reach of your website. With this formula for success in hand, crafting a recruitment site that earns accolades is just another day at the office! With the right ingredients, you can create an award-winning website that attracts top talent and drives recruitment success. By keeping these tips in mind when designing your website, you'll be taking proactive steps towards success and potential recognition for an award-winning recruitment website. Your website should reflect your reputation as a top recruiter and be the cornerstone of your recruitment strategy. Invest in the right resources, such as SEO, content creation, analytics, and social media to ensure that your website stands out from the competition.

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About the author. Luke Patterson is a Volcanic Recruitment Websites specialist with a passion for delivering above and beyond for his clients. With many years’ experience working for recruitment agencies, he’s very well placed to understand how agencies work and can understand their challenges. In his spare time, Luke loves going to the gym, plays the guitar and drums (not at the same time!) and is a Harley Davidson enthusiast.

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