David Cox
by David Cox

6 Ways to Utilise your Recruitment Website for a Smarter BD Approach

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Business Development in the recruitment industry has never been a job for the faint-hearted. Throw a global pandemic and office closures into the mix and you've got a serious challenge on your hands.

It's time to re-evaluate your BD approach.

Dave Cox, one of Volcanic's senior sales consultants and ex-recruiter offers his advice on a smarter approach to BD, with 6 Ways you can utilise your website and the tools around you to get quicker and more effective results.


- Testimonials

- Consultant profiles

- Gated content

- Client pages

- Content, content, content!

- Featured candidate pages

Watch the full video below:

If you'd like to speak to Dave in more detail about anything mentioned in this video, feel free to reach out to him at the following:

Email: d.cox@volcanic.co.uk

Book an online session: calendly.com/d-cox

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