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HOT OFF THE PRESS! Taking Control in the COVID Storm whitepaper launched by Volcanic and Access Recruitment

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Volcanic and Access Group Recruitment have launched a second whitepaper designed to assist recruiters to grow through the COVID Storm and through Brexit transition:

Taking Control in the COVID Storm: Rebooting the Recruitment Industry 

Incorporating recent industry research undertaken in partnership with Talent Nexus this piece features insights from over 500 recruitment professionals, as well as takeaways designed to assist recruitment organisations to navigate the coming months.

Relevant to every-sized recruitment business – from start-up to enterprise – this feature-rich document will assist recruitment Professional with their strategy relating to:

- Building a client-led strategy

- Exploiting marginal gains 

- Maximising new opportunities

- Focusing on your team and embracing your culture

- Managing the influx of candidates

- Leveraging technology

With the global pandemic lingering longer than anticipated and continued market uncertainty, business resilience relies on clear strategies for long-term success and managing what is within your control. Whilst the recent news about effective vaccines to conquer COVID has encouraged the stock markets, recruitment organisations will still be considering their options as they nurture and grow their position.

In this whitepaper, professionals will learn about:

- How respondents to the Recruitment Pulse survey have realigned their businesses in the wake of the COVID storm     

- The value the recruitment industry provides to the UK economy   

- How candidates are reacting to more jobseekers flooding onto the market

- When recruiting, where hiring managers are seeking to add to their personnel requirements

- How recruiters can maintain the interest of clients who may not be hiring at present 

- The influence of Dave Brailsford on British Cycling and why recruiters can use this benchmark to evolve 

- The technology that will make a difference to every recruiter 

- How building on your culture will be time well spent

- plus many more practical tips to grow recruitment businesses across the World

Download your copy here

PLUS: There’s three months free when you commit to a Volcanic website before 18 December 2020

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WHITEPAPER: Taking Control in the Covid Storm - Rebooting Recruitment


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