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I was excited to attend this month’s RCSA REVIVAL event with its future-facing, inspirational outlook on where we can head together as the recruitment industry in the coming months and years.

Key take-aways for me were:

  • 'How to be Fearlessly Different'. To counter the market challenges Julia Ross talked about consultants taking their services seriously, but not themselves. Combining a professional service delivery with a sense of light-heartedness. Her agency’s singing receptionists would sing a song when a client or candidate called, but the recruiters knew the ins and outs of their clients ensuring they provided exactly the staff required.

Understanding what makes a great leader. A leader influences the feeling in the room. The language and energy adopted should ensure the workplace remains a happy and positive environment.

'Standing out: Creating a compelling Customer Value Proposition' - Jenn ten Seldam, SEEK, spoke about a subject that is so critical in our current virtual world, and one that we entirely embody at Volcanic. Essentially knowing, researching and understanding your customer persona (candidate and client target audiences) in order to create your Customer Value Proposition (CVP). Then most importantly you need to communicate it – and right now, as a recruitment business, this will be predominantly via your website. Your digital presence is everything in portraying who you serve, what you offer them and proof of how you perform (case studies).

The key quote of the day for me was: “a brand is what a brand does”. You can’t just talk about who you aspire to be on your website, your consultants need to live and breathe it. For help in improving your digital presence and conveying your CVP, reach out to me to discover how a website created and built on our Volcanic platform will generate more candidates and clients.


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