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At Volcanic, innovation is big part of our business and we continually look for new ways to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace. 

One of our more recent innovations is our Volcanic Go package. The power of the Volcanic recruitment CMS at a price point accessible for start-up and growing recruitment businesses. 

So, how does it work? 

Our streamlined methodology means that you can have your new recruitment website up and running in as little as a week. As a technology driven business, we use the very best systems to support your website delivery. 

Read more about Volcanic Go here 

Our new theme library 

Our new Volcanic Go theme library has been designed specifically for the recruitment industry. After years of designing recruitment websites, we have a world of knowledge around what makes a success recruitment website and how your users (namely candidates and clients) typically interact with websites. 

With UX and mobile at the core of every design, we are proud to present our new library of Recruitment Website themes to Volcanic Go customers. 

Our themes are flexible, meaning they can be used with any sector or brand, however each one contains a different layout, style and functionality relating to our CMS features. 

For example, our Sidcup theme was designed with a Life Sciences industry look: 

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However, one of our clients Tandem Talent have used this same theme effectively for their Technology industry. Notice how the same theme works out of the box and conveys the relevant message in both instances. 

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Volcanic Go: stylish, but most importantly functional 

As well as themes that look great, we wanted to create a library that performs great too. In the digital world, having a slick, modern website just isn’t enough.  

Did you know, on average users spend around just 15 seconds on a website?

So, your website needs to appeal to your users by being easy to navigate and provide them with the information they need quickly, before you lose their interest.  

A well-executed design goes far beyond visual aesthetics. At the core of it is a carefully curated thought process that delivers usability and functionality to connect with users effortlessly 

- Shanma Ahmed, Head of UX and Design at Volcanic 


Examples of functionality: 

With our Canterbury theme, the hero banner allows for a number of calls to action to drive traffic to key pages, without the need for a user to scroll down the page on desktop.

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With our Harpenden theme, a section at the bottom of the page directs visitors (candidates and clients) to areas on the site most suitable for them.

And on our Lockington theme, we provide a clean and clear way for users to begin searching for jobs quickly by incorporating a traditional search box into a more modern design. At a first glance, it’s the first thing you notice on the page.

Frequently asked questions

Click on the questions below to the reveal the answer:

Our ‘Edit Mode’ tool will enable you to change imagery and content across your site. Each text box has an edit bar, which will allow you to change text size, alignment, create links and buttons, embed images and HTML (Like youtube videos, external HTML forms etc)

We will import your logo, primary, secondary and teritary brand colours, plus your choice of Google Font into the theme. Then all you need to do is add your imagery and content!

Yes, all of our templates are designed with mobile usage in mind and respond across different devices.

If you’re interested in what the Volcanic Go package could do for your business, book a demo with one of our product experts who will be happy to show you around our cutting edge recruitment theme library for Volcanic Go.


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