Volcanic Go or Volcanic Pro? Which recruitment website solution is right for me?

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Buying a website is a tricky business.

There’s a web design agency on pretty much every street corner and for every one of those, there’s another ten freelancers that claim to be able to design and build you the best-looking website ever. It’s not a regular purchase so when you go to market you’re often going on recommendation or online research.  

Once you’ve obtained a few quotes, the next challenge is to determine what on earth these mean. Are you comparing apples with apples? Are each of the agencies offering you the same in terms of experience, design, build, features, project management, support, hosting and customer success? Who will write your content, provide images and video? Who has a proven track record and (probably most importantly) understands your industry inside out?  

Volcanic made some big decisions early on to make it easier for our customers to understand exactly what they were buying. These included: 

  1. Building a platform packed full of features that cater exclusively for the recruitment industry  

  2. Including design, build and project management as standard 

  3. Working with partners to help with content 

  4. Operating a SaaS subscription model – pay monthly with no upfront costs

  5. Wrapping our hosting and support into the monthly fee 

  6. Building integrations with market leading CRMs and multi job posters for easy data transfer 

  7. Making it easy to move to us and get your data and content into our platform  

But we’ve made things even easier still (and more affordable) with the release of our Volcanic Go and Volcanic Pro website solutions, allowing you to choose the best type of recruitment website to suit your business needs. We listened to our customers, did our research and ultimately found some important trends across all aspects of delivery. If you’re unsure which product is right for you, here’s some things to consider. 

Website Design  

Starting a website project with a blank screen is daunting. You need to trust that you’re dealing with a professional organisation that will offer you good advice based on years of experience.  

Volcanic Go and Volcanic Pro offer two different types of design experience: choose from either a library of templated themes built by our experienced design team who have built hundreds of recruitment websites (Go - for rapid delivery), or a create your own bespoke design (Pro - for agencies wanting complete customisation). Both:

- are underpinned by solid user experience (UX) principles and exceptional design

- allow you to add your own logo, colours, fonts, imagery, video and copy

- enable you to create a sense of identity by adding mission, vision and values and the unique selling points that set you apart from your competitors.  

If you're an established agency that has worked hard to develop your brand and want to work with a designer for a pixel perfect, custom finish, then Pro is right for you. If you're a start-up or smaller agency looking to get your site live within a couple of weeks without compromising on quality, then work with our pre-built library of Go themes that offer multiple variations. 


Platform Features  

Volcanic is a website platform giving you all the tools to succeed. Straight out of the box we’ve built all the features and functions that all recruitment businesses need.

The size of your agency isn't the only determining factor in your choice of solution. It's more about what you want your website to achieve. Are your only goals increasing candidate attraction, engagement and conversion? Do you want increased levels of process automation? Are you after reporting and data insights? Do you want deeper integrations with your other recruitment tech, configured to your specific needs?  

With our Volcanic Go and Pro solutions, we’ve done the work for you. Go offers a streamlined version of our platform with key features such as an intuitive content management system, job search, job posting and candidate registration tools, and the option to bolt-on additional features as you grow. Pro, on the other hand, has enhancements for agencies that require a more tailored solution, as well as some more heavyweight features appropriate for larger and enterprise level staffing firms. 


Volcanic Go and Pro both integrate with the market-leading recruitment CRMs and multi job posters, allowing you to quickly and easily post jobs to your website and get candidate data into your CRM. This presents huge time savings and efficiencies particularly as your company grows.  

With Volcanic Pro integrations can also be customised too giving you the ability to map custom data fields between the two platforms, or access to our market leading 360 data sync integrations. For the majority of recruiters the integrations offered in Volcanic Go suffice.  


Customer Support & Success 

Following the launch of your Volcanic website, our experienced support team is on hand to help with any issues you face. As a Volcanic Go or Pro customer you are able to submit and track support tickets for any queries and minor fixes via the back-end of your website.

Our Learning Management System offers Volcanic Go customers comprehensive video resources to help you self-serve your training, as and when suits , and get you up and running with your website as quickly as possible.

Volcanic Pro customers are able to access our Customer Success Team, who are there to provide you with the help, advice and support you need. This strategic part of our service ensures that you continually get the most from our platform features and maintain your competitive edge.

For a direct comparison of Volcanic Go and Pro features, click below.

Compare Volcanic Go and Pro

If you’re considering a new recruitment website request a no obligation demo and speak to a member of our experienced sales team who will consult with you to gain a better understanding of your specific business requirements.


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