NSW Recruiters: Have you Applied for Your Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant?

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As the leading global provider of recruitment websites, Volcanic is fully invested in finding ways to support the industry - and never more so than in these challenging economic times. 

In the current climate your brand is vital to differentiate you from the competition and help potential clients and candidates find you in our digital-first world.  

We’ve pulled together some resources to help you: 

  1. Our recently published Recruitment Recovery Guide is designed to help agencies navigate their way through the current landscape providing insights and advice from industry partners, together with key take-aways. 

  2. To help smaller businesses access the best tech at an affordable price, we have made our SaaS technology platform available for rapid delivery. Volcanic Go enables you to get your new website up and running within days by selecting from a range of theme based designs to which you add your own logo, colours, fonts, imagery, video, brand positioning copy and content. Straight out of the box we’ve built all the features and functions that recruiters need to succeed and scale. 

  3. If you are based in NSW, a small business Covid-19 recovery grant is being offered (deadline 16 August) that could help to fund a new website and give a longer-term boost to your candidate attraction and client engagement.

Search engines such as Google have made big changes during these trying times to test the relevance of information offered online and how up-to-date it is.  Building a new website sends out flares to search engines to let them know you are still about and are making updates for all users to see. 

We are talking with our current clients about refreshing and updating their content, or even their brand overall if this is no longer aligned with their business strategy.  

  1. For more pointers on how to use your recruitment website to navigate through the next phase of the journey to recovery watch our video: Marketing your Way Out of COVID-19 with an Optimised Recruitment Website

 If you are seeking advice about enhancing your digital footprint, reach out to us. We are here to help and are totally committed to the Australian market with expansion plans on the horizon to support recruiters in the region.  


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