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​As we approach week 4 of the official lockdown in the UK, it can be difficult to see beyond the day ahead, let alone the world post COVID-19.

As a global technology supplier to the recruitment industry, we've spoken to many recruitment agencies to understand how they have been adapting to the 'new normal'. Across the industry we've discovered entire teams that are remote working, alongside furloughs, redundancies and pay cuts. Whilst it is undoubtedly a concerning time, a number of positive stories have given us reassurance that life will resume after Coronavirus.

In late March Volcanic was awarded contracts to create and deliver websites on behalf of two large enterprise agencies, one being an Australian operation of a major global recruitment business - for which we currently serve 12 other country operations around the world - the other being one of the UK's largest medical recruiters.

So what does this tell us? It tells us that the recruitment industry is still moving. It tells us that this will pass, and that there are agencies out there that are taking this time to improve processes in preparation for market recovery. It tells us that larger agencies are aware that delaying sign-off on website projects, despite the current uncertainty, will delay their implementation and ROI impact on their business.

Darren Curtis, Volcanic Enterprise Sales Director, says:

"as we all know, the world of work has changed significantly over the last three weeks. Many industries have been affected, no more so than our beloved recruitment industry.  What is clear however is this is only short-term and after every dip in market confidence comes a huge boom. I am lucky to work with many leading recruitment businesses across the globe and it is apparent that the more innovative of those are using this time to double down on their marketing activities, review how they can improve their business processes and prepare themselves for a fast start when the market bounces back." 

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