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At Access World 2019, members of the Senior Management Team at Volcanic inspired the audience with their insights about the present and future of candidate attraction.  

Alec Middleton, Product Director at Volcanic, focused specifically on the problems that Volcanic are solving for recruiters, and he highlighted six ways that Volcanic improve candidate engagement. 

We captured everything that Alec had to say and we highly recommend the read! 

Volcanic solves a lot of problems around experience

“At Volcanic we solve a lot of problems around experience, whether it be the candidate experience, the client experience, or whether actually the experience the consultants get when they’re thinking of joining your recruitment business. 

To touch on my own experience, I spent 2 years as a recruiter at Meridian Business Support. I then founded my own web design agency, which I ran for 11 years, and last year I exited that business. I did it for a variety of reasons, but from a tech perspective, I could see that the website market is consolidating and those platforms that are creating the best value for their markets and solving the most customer problems are the ones that ultimately succeed. 

There are lots of web design agencies out there, and plenty that only serve the recruitment market, but our biggest competitors at Volcanic are the smaller agencies out there. Thinking about the idea of experience, probably one of the worst customer experiences you can have is going to a small agency with a blank sheet of paper and talking to them about what you would like from your recruitment website. It’s just not going to be a great experience for anybody and you’re going to have to be figuring out what you require as you go along. 

What we tend to find is that the best platforms are the ones that are out there that speak directly to customers, and where they’ve thought about these problems well in advance. 

Most of you will have heard of Shopify - probably the biggest ecommerce platform in the world at the moment. They’ve thought about all the transactional elements that you would need from an ecommerce website, well before you’ve got anywhere near buying one. 

Wix haven’t gone market specific, but they’ve really channeled down the idea of tackling small businesses, with pre-built templates which you can use to build yourself a website in a matter of hours.

90% of the problems you face as recruiters, we’ve built solutions into our platform before you’ve spoken to us.

So where does Volcanic fit into this? Volcanic has built a platform specific to the recruitment industry. We have loads of aspects of our technology that are thought about well in advance. What I like to think is that 90% of the problems you face as recruiters, we’ve built solutions into our platform, thought about, developed, tested and retested before you’ve got anywhere near our product. And that’s really why Volcanic are such a market-leader within that platform space. 

93% of business leaders say that delivering a relevant, reliable customer experience will be critical to their company’s overall business performance in the next two years. If you think about it like that, your website has the ability to be the most powerful part of your experience for your candidates, clients and consultants. It should be the foundation of that experience. It could be the first place that people ever come into contact with you. 

There isn’t a lot of differentiation between different recruitment businesses. You might have different jobs, or different markets, but ultimately your people and your brand will be the key differentiators. Online, your brand has to be crystal clear so they can understand why they would want to use you as a candidate, as a client, or even come and work for you as a consultant.

So what can you do to increase candidate engagement? So at Volcanic we’ve solved a lot of the problems that recruiters have already, so I’m going to talk you through 6 ways that Volcanic can help you to increase candidate engagement. 

Brand Personality

The first thing is about brand personality. Anything about your brand is subjective, but ultimately you need to consult with an agency that actually understands your brand and that wants to make you look incredible online. 

Make your website beautiful, and make sure it conveys the personality of your business. Make sure it conveys the value of your business and make sure you’ve got great content on there. 

Creating amazing user journeys

The second major thing that Volcanic tackle day in and day out is creating amazing user journeys. We make sure that the UX and UI that exists on our customers’ websites guides candidates to the correct part of the website in a really easy and logical way. 

Designing mobile-first

The third thing that we’ve tackled is designing mobile-first. Everyone knows that you need a mobile-first website, but it shouldn’t need to be tested to the nth degree just to know that it works on a mobile device. 67% of all website traffic came through mobile devices in 2018. I think that in the recruitment space, that figure is probably even higher. 

If you think about where candidates are looking for jobs, they’re most likely looking on their way to and from work, or sitting in front of the television. Recruitment marketers now have the opportunity to directly target an audience who are sitting with their mobile phone in hand pretty much 24 hours a day. They can wake up to the job advertisement via the job alert you’ve sent through to them and that’s exactly why you’ve got to be thinking mobile first. 

Reducing time to hire

Fourth thing we’ve thought about is an easy application process. This is all about reducing your time to hire. If you think about the way Google operates, the reason why they’re so good as a search engine is that you go there, and there is one box, you type in your search terms, and suddenly you have a whole list of relevant searches available to you instantly, sorted by the most to least relevant. 

At Volcanic, we make sure that our application processes are just a simple, with our jobs categorised correctly through a broad range criteria making it really easy for candidates to find jobs on our websites. 

Personalised experience

The fifth thing is offering a personalised experience. As a candidate when you come to a Volcanic website, you have the ability to create your own profile. You can put multiple CVs in there, put applications in there and saved jobs. Similar to ecommerce sites where you can go back to a website and see the products you’ve bought, we offer the same for jobs so that when candidates come back to our websites they can continue their search from where they left off. We can also create job alerts so that even when they’re not looking at your website, they can get emails through to their phone 24 hours a day about the jobs that they’ve said they’re interested in. 

Client engagement

The final point is around client engagement. Most of our clients are ultimately candidates themselves. So think about what will attract candidates to your site. If I was a client coming to your recruitment agency today, I would want to know how you were going to attract the best candidates, the ones that I feel I cannot attract myself. But ultimately, things like having a good website that’s well built and has a good job search on there, is going to be the biggest part of your candidate attraction pitch to clients.” 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Volcanic can increase your candidate engagement, a member of our team will be happy to speak to you! Get in touch today.   

You can also find out much more about Volcanic’s market-leading platform features and product range on their website.  


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