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The recruitment industry has always been one step ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advancement. From the early adoption of Blockchain stepping up cyber security around candidate data, right up to developments like Tengai, a robot job interviewer that does so without judgement.

Despite this, one question keeps popping up within legacy recruitment agencies - why should I bother jumping on board the digital transformation train when I’ve gained success without embracing technology that enterprise technology companies push? It’s safe to say, it’s a legitimate question; as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

At Volcanic, we understand that throughout our vast client-base, every customer's needs and wants are different and unique to them. Every client has different strengths and most likely a pile of evidence to back that up. However, who’s to say that embracing change means leaving old tricks behind?

With close to 40,000 recruitment agencies in the UK, with the majority of these agencies adopting new technology such as a data-driven recruitment website, it’s easier than ever to get lost in the crowd with such fierce competition. Now it’s fair to say that your recruitment agency is niche - there aren’t 40,000 recruitment agencies specialising within healthcare, but how many of those do you think represent a combination of both healthcare and generalist agencies? A fair few we’d wager.

By creating or updating your website, you are being given the tools to sift through the crowd and show off your agency to potential clients and candidates. Through the use of our unparalleled SEO toolkit, boasting an array of technical tweaks to help conversion, alongside social media pages and email campaigns, your audience just got a whole lot bigger than the old ringbinder could contain.

With a modern, adaptable and vibrant healthcare recruitment website, you step into the same league as all of your competitors, no matter how large they may be - and with the right jobs from your clients, the competition could be knocked out of the park when it comes to a candidate converting on your website. Let’s face it, most candidates don’t care how high of a turnover an agency has, they care about getting the right job for them. All you need is the ability to be visible and stand out.

So, we’ve covered the why - now to turn to the how. How can you manage this? Sure, many of the larger companies spend hundreds or thousands on paid advertising and unless you’re really in the big leagues, that’s not always an option. Don’t fret, Google For Jobs paired with Access Recruitment’s website technology by Volcanic has you covered. 

Giving your website the care it needs for not only how pretty your website looks, but also how seamlessly it works alongside some of the largest tech providers in the recruitment industry. With the SEO capabilities of a Volcanic website, you have everything you need to get to the front page of a Google search plus everything you need to optimise your website to rank on Google For Jobs

See how you should build your healthcare recruitment website now or better yet, make the beginning of the recruitment process easier than ever by getting on board - see how we can help you today.


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