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The visual cues that convince a candidate to continue a journey online to an actual conversion are quite fascinating, and highly relevant to ensuring your website serves as an effective lead generation portal. For recruiters, knowing what brings candidates to your site is one thing; understanding what keeps them there is the true measure of an effective recruitment website.

We’re confident on mobile-led web design going forward, as audiences are moving increasingly toward these avenues as the journeys become better and more clear. Provided, of course, that they actually are. The results of a bad mobile UX for a website visitor are significant: Research shows 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. For e-commerce users, two in five users faced with a poor mobile experience would move to a competitor’s site.

So what kinds of visual cues factor into online lead generation? Taking a hint from our ebook on data-driven web design, we offer several different considerations you should account for heading into a new recruitment web design project.


If you spend the majority of time reviewing your web design project in a desktop format, your calls-to-action (CTAs) may suffer on other platforms, like mobile and tablet.

An obvious challenge presented by mobiles is that on smaller screens, you have less space to work with, but also need to allow for white space that doesn’t crowd the screen. If you don’t account for this, it could mean that critical CTAs that display prominently on a desktop screen may get pushed down, hidden or even lost on a mobile screen. 

From your perspective, be it mobile or desktop, you’ll want the users visiting your site to perform certain specific actions. If the CTAs are difficult to find or even hidden as a result, your busy mobile user is unlikely (and moreover, shouldn’t be expected) to make the effort to hunt them down. As with the earlier mention of a bad mobile UX, unreachable CTAs on a mobile platform could do significant damage to your brand’s reputation.


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