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Volcanic is delighted to announce one of our latest senior appointments, and introduce our new Product Director, Alec Middleton

Joining us on our exciting journey of rapid growth, Alec will provide a clear strategic roadmap for Volcanic products, underpinned by innovation, profitability, growth and marketplace leadership. 

So who is Alec Middleton? Well, you can always rely on the Marketing team to find out! We sat down with Alec to find out everything from his life before Volcanic, to his plans for his new role, and of course, which celebrity he would love to share a pint with.


Alec's journey prior to Volcanic

I co-founded and built one of the best digital marketing agencies in South Manchester and I am proud to have loved every one of those eleven years. My role involved everything from providing leadership, to strategic direction, to recruitment. Deep down though, i’ve always had a love of how technology can provide competitive advantage for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The lines of differentiation between agencies are becoming less defined. In 2019, growth in the technology/digital marketplace relies on knowing your market, and anticipating and serving that market with leading products, not just people and processes. I’ve known Volcanic for the last 5 years since Rob Wilde (CEO) and I completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programme together in Manchester. I have always been amazed at how Volcanic use market knowledge and technology to create leading products that recruiters genuinely cannot say no to. When he asked me to join the business as Product Director, I had to say yes!


Alec's Volcanic experience so far

Volcanic is a world-class brand, but since joining the business I have genuinely been astounded by the degree of technological advantage our products provide for our customers every day. We increase revenue and efficiency whilst reducing risk and cost. We enable a better experience for candidates, clients and consultants. When you underpin this with a SaaS business model, it makes Volcanic highly accessible to commercial recruiters of all shapes and sizes.

Company culture is the most important attribute to the success of any business. So far i’ve found nothing but talented, welcoming, highly supportive and enthusiastic people that are working towards the same goals. It has been a steep learning curve but pretty exciting so far!


In his new role, Alec is most looking forward to

Developing a suite of products that continue to deliver clear competitive advantage for the recruitment industry. This is a challenge, but one that I am really relishing. I’m particularly looking forward to meeting tech focused recruiters and using their experience to help shape the future of our product strategy to the demands of the market.


In his spare time, you will find Alec

Up a hill on my mountain bike, at the gym, at a gig, or in the pub. Mostly though, i’m on a beach on Anglesey with my wife and two little girls. They love the beach and I love the outdoors so it’s the perfect way to spend a weekend.


Alec would love to share a coffee and a drink with

Forgive the massively obvious choice here, but I think anyone doing my job could learn a bit over a coffee with Steve Jobs. And over a beer, James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem.


The best advice Alec has received is

'How you do anything is how you do everything’. Doing the most basic of tasks properly is always good training to prepare yourself for the bigger tasks. You’ll never be match-fit otherwise, and you’ll never get recognised for your capabilities when people test you with smaller jobs.


Alec's book recommendation is

‘The Art of Creative Thinking’ by Rod Judkins is a great book to digest slowly. Each lesson is only 1-5 pages long and gets your brain racing with ideas that you can apply to everyday life and work. You can read it in a couple of hours, but spending time and reflecting on the lessons is a big part of absorbing it. It’s a good book to ready every 6 months or so.


Volcanic are thrilled to have Alec on board and would like to welcome him to our team. Rob Wilde, Volcanic's CEO, says:

Underpinning Volcanic's growth is our continuing innovation in technology and products that improve the recruitment experience - and Alec has joined us to ensure the rapid development and deployment of this technology. His wealth of digital and project management is critical to our continued relevance and success, and we are delighted that he joins us at a senior level.

If you would like to get in touch with Alec, you can contact him at or connect with him on LinkedIn



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