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“It’s about putting people first. And as much as this sounds so simple, it’s something that the recruitment industry struggles with”.

Jenny Lloyd - Director of Connections and Founder of Lloyd Connect

Jenny Lloyd, Director of Connections / Founder of Lloyd Connect was equally straightforward about how over complicated agencies make the whole recruitment process.

“When we are developing important relationships in our lives, we accommodate the needs of those people we are trying to connect with. We support their aspirations and ensure that we bring value to these partnerships. Why we can’t do the same in recruitment really baffles me.

This is probably why her and her husband’s award-winning company has grown dramatically in the three years since it was founded. Their business model has been developed to respond to the needs of both their candidates and clients - and where they have seen the opportunity that technology offers to improve engagement and to deliver a better recruitment experience, they have embraced it.

“But technology is not just about business enablement, the evolution of the SaaS model that makes this technology accessible to small business or at affordable prices, was also adopted by Lloyd Connect. Their Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) offering mimics the commercial delivery of service on a monthly subscription, which has had impressive results, and some really great unintended consequences.”

The Team at Lloyd Connect

According to Jenny, this pricing model not only alleviates any cashflow or budgeting issues a client may encounter when faced by the payment of commissions, particularly during a growth period, but it also strengthens Lloyd Connect’s relationships with their clients.

“Being able to develop long-term partnerships with clients allows us to gain a better understanding of their culture and business needs. We can support their talent management around growth and shorten the time to hire because we have buttoned down the profile of future employees, so we recognise a good fit immediately.

In addition to being able to proactively manage talent pools for clients, Jenny and her team can also actively support their clients employer branding. This is critical in what remains a candidate-short market.

“Especially in the Not-for-Profit sector, we find that reputation is a key factor when managing talent. Having strong relationships with clients engenders a level of trust that allows me and the team to manage any concerns that a candidate may have based on past media headlines, or historic issues or incidents that might be barriers in the recruitment process in this sensitive industry.”

With culture and relationships being central to the success of Lloyd Connect, it was not surprising that Jenny chose Volcanic as her recruitment website platform partner based on ‘chemistry’.

“As attractive as Volcanic’s SaaS model and bespoke sector functionality was, it was the ‘people’ factor that ended up influencing the decision”.

Volcanic’s team in Sydney, headed up by Jordan Betteridge, worked with Jenny and her marketing expert, Shelly Frampton to really get to grips with what the business was trying to achieve on both a commercial and branding level - especially around the brand narrative. 

“Jordan interrogated our existing website to establish its strengths and weaknesses to ensure that nothing was lost in translation with the new website. He [Jordan] also supported us in a full audit of our tech needs, and helped to architect the tech stack that was required to support the delivery of our strategy”.

Sydney team at Bullhorn Live Sydney
Jordan (Middle) is joined by Sydney team members Estelli and Simon at Bullhorn Live Sydney.

Volcanic’s strong partnership with Bullhorn, was also a crucial element in the decision-making process.

“We really appreciated the Volcanic/Bullhorn partnership because this ensured that all the heavy lifting around the critical integration of our website and CRM was being managed by the two tech providers working with our best interest in mind. The ease of Volcanic’s integration capabilities were again evident in other areas, such as our inbound marketing tech."

But in recruitment, all roads lead to results, and in this respect Volcanic is proud of the success of the website to date.

As ever, Jenny’s report on the success of her tech partnership with Volcanic is as uncomplicated as the lady herself.

“The business has a website that is entirely candidate-focused, it is driving improved applications, better engagement and providing us with visibility of our data, in a two-way integration that is secure and synchronised.

The in-build SEO and reporting tools have allowed us to reduce our marketing spend, and offers better insights as to where we need to invest to drive the engagement that people have grown accustomed to in other areas of their personal and professional lives.

Volcanic has delivered on all our objectives and their roadmap has demonstrated that their technology will continue to allow us to respond to a changing recruitment landscape and the need to be digitally agile and people-centric”.


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