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by Neil Pickstone
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Volcanic clients are set for Google for Jobs search success with the launch of the new Volcanic Google Jobs Optimisation Tool.

In a trademark disruptive move that will give Volcanic websites a clear advantage over other recruitment websites, the new technology helps all Volcanic clients to optimise individual jobs by assigning unique descriptors. These descriptors protect that job’s content, help each job rank higher in the Google for Jobs search and, critically, ensure each recruiter keeps sole ownership of their individual job.

This is in direct contrast to the current ‘first candidate past the post’ model which sees the same job with the same wording shared widely - and which means the first job board or recruiter to grab that candidate then controls the job application. 


Achieve an exclusive Google listing

Volcanic’s new tool allows you to first visualise the data that will be included in the structured data on each job listing, and then change it according to the Google search model to ensure preferential treatment - and high rankings.

The job data is displayed in the same format as the structured data testing tool, allowing easy comparison so you can change the wording to the best fit for Google.


Now for the science bit

The new Volcanic functionality goes beyond adopting the recommended method of publishing jobs using structured data - all websites on the Volcanic platform already use Google-recommended structured data as standard. From within the tool you can now modify the values in the data, which allows the structured data to include slightly different values than those displayed to the user on the job page itself; values that are optimised for Google’s job algorithm.

It also reaches further than simply exposing your data to Google and using its structured data testing tool to check its validity. Using the Google tool, even after checking out your structured data, you would need to contact your developer to make the required changes to add the missing or incorrect data.


What are you waiting for?

Neil Pickstone, co-founder of Volcanic, said: "Unique content gives you a far more prominent place in Google search than duplicated content. Our new Google for Jobs optimisation functionality gives our clients another tool for increasing their opportunity in the market."  

The Google for Jobs tool has been deployed to the Volcanic platform and is ready for all our clients to use.


Volcanic is committed to supporting the recruitment industry with its best-in-breed software as a service technology. For our expert tips on best SEO practice for your recruitment website, download your free copy of a Recruiter's Guide to SEO.


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