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As the recruitment industry continues to achieve successful digital transformation and automation, the human approach must go hand-in-hand.  Recruitment consultants will continue to play a crucial role in driving the industry forward. For recruitment agencies, having a digital marketing strategy that centres around your team of consultants plays a vitally important role. 


Branding is a key support

Building your recruitment business’ brand as a support network for your team of consultants is critical. This will not only help attract the best talent during this period of skills shortages to your team, but also ensure they remain on board.

The latest end-to-end technology will pave the way towards developing a professional brand and highlighting your employer value proposition. Software as a service (SaaS) technology offers recruitment consultants a strategic advantage, as the cloud-based platform is continually updated with new functionality and the CMS is easy to operate, to keep consultant information current.

Keep up the momentum on social media to engage with potential recruiters - posts can all be curated and shown on a #work for us page on your agency website to showcase your own and your business’ personality.


Building a team of true consultants

It's when recruiters take the helm and invest their time in consulting with their clients to really drill down into their needs that delivers the best results. 

For this reason, consultant pages on your website are vital. How your business presents its team of consultants is key. Setting up consultant landing pages for each consultant in their own area of specialisation will help define the user journey, give clear signposting and provide a clear outline of the expertise of the consultants, supporting them in their candidate search and their career goals.

 The Volcanic website platform makes this simple, as well as allowing for dynamic content so that consultants can make it easy for candidates to get in touch or to showcase their individual capabilities.

Cloud-based recruitment software is evolving into an entire ecosystem that supports a business across all areas, backed by the latest end-to-end technology.


Technology to predict candidate behaviour

Looking at candidate behaviour patterns based on analysing hard facts and measurable trend patterns gives the recruiter a clear handle on the numbers. The reporting and data analytics provided by software as a service models supports the recruiter in identifying the next hire, before the hiring need even becomes real.

This level of proactive consultancy around building a talent pipeline is providing the recruitment consultant with the tools to develop their role further with their clients.


Consolidating your digital strategy

Supported by your recruitment website, your digital strategy should focus around managing your own talent as well as providing a candidate attraction model.

Volcanic's software-as-a-service recruitment technology is changing the recruitment landscape. For support on driving traffic to your website, download your free copy of a Recruiter's Guide to SEO.



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