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Join our very own Alison Dwyer, Marketing Director and Matt Comber, Product Director hosting our webinar on 30th August at 3pm GMT.

Focusing on Google Analytics and Google Ads, Alison and Matt will be demonstrating the value of both products for recruitment marketers who may not be too familiar with the functionalities. This will be followed by a Q&A and a demonstration of the Volcanic platform.

Within the webinar, we will discuss the main obstacles recruitment marketers face and how using Google Ads and Analytics can support them. Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we hope to answer more in-depth.

Our recruitment website needs more leads, how can I achieve this?

Our webinar will delve into how using both products can help with this. Tracking your sources through Analytics to fully understand where the common points of entry are and fuelling this with Ads strategies.

Our recruitment company doesn’t use Google Analytics or Google Ads, so why should I sit through a webinar?

Good question. Take a look at our free guide on ‘Why Recruiters should be using Google Analytics’ to answer that one.

There is a lot of competition, how do I ensure that we’re visible? Especially when it comes to matching our large competitors?

When it comes to Google Ads, it doesn’t matter whether you work solo or in a huge enterprise - your ads will show depending on other factors such as your bid strategy and the SEO performance of your landing pages.

We aim to show you best practice when it comes to bidding strategies on keywords that might have been overlooked by some of your competitors.

Don’t miss out, whether you attend the live webinar or watch over it later - we’re looking forward to it! If you have any relevant questions you need answering then ask your question on Twitter using the hashtag #VolcanicWebinar, and we’ll do our best to answer during the event!


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