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by Lillie Ubeid
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At Volcanic we’ve talked a lot lately about the digital transformation that's driving industry’s crusade towards the cloud-based, data-driven Workplace 4.0.

Leaping ahead of the data analysis curve

We’re not known for standing still. In our trademark leap ahead of the curve, we’ve put our money where our mouth is and made our first hire in the data world. We are delighted to welcome Dr Aisha Ekundayo, data scientist, to the team.

Aisha brings a unique skill set and data modelling perspective. Based on the principles of economics and sets of data analysis, data models can find patterns of behaviour and be used to present complex ideas in simple analytical terms. Dissecting business issues through designing frameworks appropriate to different scenarios helps uncover new and better ways of working.

Mapping candidate behaviour patterns

At Volcanic, Aisha will be analysing recruitment trends and candidate behaviour patterns, mapping data sets based on the millions of lines of candidate data we process to deliver value-added, pragmatic models that will help recruiters forecast future talent needs.

Aisha explains: “Following my first degree in Economics at Obafemi Awolowo University, I moved to the UK to study for a Masters in Finance and Economics, and then took up a scholarship at Oxford Brookes University to complete my PhD research using sophisticated panel data modelling. The practical application of this was to predict consumption trends and make policy recommendations based on the data analysis.

Supporting women in technology

“I’m excited to join this progressive and fast growing business. I’m also interested, as a woman working in the fields of technology and economics, that Volcanic is actively working towards a policy of diversity and a 50/50 gender agenda.

“From a data analytical point of view, it’s initiatives like setting employment quotas that help drive change and change workplaces for the better.”

Continually adding new customer value 

Co-Founder Neil Pickstone added: “At Volcanic we are actively working towards gender parity within the company. As we expand rapidly our workforce has already hit the 100th team member. We are proud to have achieved nearly a 40 percent female workforce throughout the business, in roles including software engineering, web design, project management, finance, HR and marketing. The benefits of a diverse workforce are well documented and we strive to maintain an inclusive and welcoming culture for all.

"Just a few years ago, jobs like data scientist didn't exist in industry. We are excited to lead the way in this initiative, take our knowledge of recruitment data analysis to the next level and add new value for our customers. I'm delighted to welcome Aisha to the team."

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