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As Volcanic's global growth trajectory continues, I took the opportunity to attend a dynamic and very well informed presentation on Malaysian and ASEAN trade potential by the British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Vicki Treadell, supported by the Department for International Trade.  

In Vicki’s opinion, there has never been a better time to invest in Malaysia, now the new Malaysian government is bedding in, bringing determination to introduce reform and a culture of openness following sixty years of the former coalition. If the country is to have a bright future, it will need to continue to progress reform, tackle accusations of corruption and attract foreign trade.

Technology remains high on the growth agenda, with the Malaysia Technology initiative firmly in the high-value campaign category. This follows the hugely successful UK Mega-Tech Mission held in Malaysia last year with the objective of encouraging technology investment and partnership. 

Forging international trading links

This comes as great news for Britain's businesses, especially in the Brexit climate as the government and industry alike seek to forge stronger trading links with partners in Asia.

Volcanic opened its office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia following a successful trade mission with then Prime Minister, David Cameron, in 2015. This has kick-started our period of rapid growth across the world.

In the three years since, our KL office has grown to 30 staff, building a fully fledged team of software developers, engineers, designers, project managers and support staff to create a highly successful local business.

According to our CEO, Rob Wilde, speed to market is a critical success factor in international expansion. This is particularly true in the fast-paced recruitment sector where it's essential to get your business up and running to start generating a return. Speed to market is enabled by technology.

Here, Rob shares his thoughts based on Volcanic’s experience of rapid international growth:

  • Get your business in order

Before expanding internationally, ensure your domestic ducks are in a row. This means making sure your business runs efficiently and profitably, which will ideally be reinforced by an independently recognised accreditation of best practice such as ISO 27001.

  • Create global networking opportunities

Use your network and take advantage of opportunities open to you, participating in trade missions, for example, is a valuable way to access to the most senior people within an organisation, especially by having the pre-qualified status as a selected delegate.

At Volcanic, we have benefited greatly from the support of bodies like the Department for International Trade.

  • Partner with experts who understand a global success model 

Recruitment businesses are not going to be easily seduced by a London or New York address – and its consequent high overheads – but are far more likely to seek out the true benefits offered by an agile business that offers a world-leading service.

We’ve seen our own success drive our clients’ success. Our experience of establishing a global business helps us establish our recruitment clients’ international footholds rapidly and cost-effectively.

Main image source: Department for International Trade


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