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To further support our clients in meeting their GDPR obligations, Volcanic has launched a new integration with Bullhorn.

This new service allows all our Bullhorn clients to integrate their GDPR consents directly and automatically from their website into Bullhorn.

Developed in close partnership with Bullhorn, the Volcanic Bullhorn GDPR solution is now available to all our clients who use Bullhorn as their recruitment CRM.

How does it work?

Whenever a candidate updates their consent preferences on their Volcanic candidate dashboard, it triggers a user update message directly to Bullhorn. This means that the data from that candidate record is passed directly into Bullhorn. This data is version controlled and shows the candidate’s current consent status.

This integration offers the highest level of security as it communicates using API keys.

What do I do now?

  1. Set up your consent area using the admin area on your website by uploading your policies

  2. Enable your Bullhorn app that you will find in the Volcanic App Store in your admin area

  3. Get your 'consent' custom object enabled by Bullhorn, if you have not requested it already, and this functionality is ready to go.

Volcanic is supporting the recruitment industry in its journey to GDPR compliance. For more information, visit the GDPR page on our website, watch theVolcanic GDPR and Security video or get in touch.


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