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As International Women’s Week continues to highlight important issues, and as part of the Volcanic drive to encourage women in successful careers in technology, we’re sharing Vanda Szabados’s story.

Vanda explains, “I have got a masters degree in IT engineering from the University of Miskolc, in Hungary. After university I worked in various fields and lived in different parts of the world, which was a great opportunity to expand my life experiences, but web-development was always in my mind as a final destination.

"I have been lucky to start as a trainee at Volcanic, went through an amazing training programme led by one of our best developers over a couple of months and I keep learning a lot every day as a Junior Front-End Developer. Volcanic made me feel from the very first moment that women and men have equal rights in our office, and everyone gets the same support."

Celebrating diversity

Neil Pickstone, co-founder at Volcanic adds, “Vanda came to us with a solid qualification in software engineering so we knew that she had competent technical know-how. There isn’t a course that teaches what we do at Volcanic, however, so we set her up with in-depth training and before long she was settled in to Volcanic life.

“The diverse team of people at Volcanic consistently proves that with the right attitude, skill set and training, a career in the technology industry can be immensely rewarding. Research shows that diverse teams offering a balance of cultures, genders and personalities perform better. As the world becomes more reliant on technology, and digital skills combined with the spirit of innovation become increasingly sought-after, it’s more important than ever that employers hire and retain the absolute best in talent.

"By committing to an inclusive policy and adopting a flexible approach to working conditions, internal role transitions and ongoing training and development, Volcanic has created a culture that means we're well on the way to achieving our gender parity goals." 

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