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In the second in the Volcanic GDPR video series we take a look at GDPR and security.

GDPR compliance requires companies to take steps to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of their systems, and to document these measures in order to establish a track record.

In this informative GDPR and Security video - one of our suite of video resources we’ve produced for the recruitment industry - we take you through the features of the Volcanic security dashboard which is developed to the stringent ISO 27001 standards and outline how it supports you in meeting the requirements of the GDPR.

The security dashboard area gives clear signposting on a wealth of functionality:

  • Releases - this is effectively a change log where all the software releases are documented.

  • Performance - gives a barometer of platform reliability.

  • Announcements - this is where we provide announcements of upcoming platform changes, planned maintenance and emergency support.

  • Security Audits - all the security scans that Volcanic runs are logged in this area so you can demonstrate full system security.

  • Incidents - details of incidents are logged here, including the date, what the problem is and when and how it has been resolved for full transparency.

  • Connected Integrations - this area highlights all active systems used by your site.

To learn more about the security dashboard, watch the free Volcanic GDPR and Security video

And view the Volcanic GDPR Awareness Training video to support your GDPR journey. 


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