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In the second in the Volcanic series of blogs on how to win a recruitment award, we take a look at why entering awards brings business benefits - even if you don’t win.  And read on to download your free ebook on how to win recruitment awards.


Boost your marketing

Take the opportunity to maximise brand exposure before, during and after the event. Blog about your shortlisting, for example, and promote via your social channels, making sure to use the event hashtags throughout. At the ceremony itself, live stream from your team, share photographs and make sure you use Twitter - there will probably be big screens with updates.


If you win, add the award logo to your website, social media, emails, marketing and sales material. Winning awards can open doors to new contacts, new markets, new staff and new suppliers.


Profile-raising sponsorship

It’s worth sponsoring a relevant category at the award ceremony to help raise awareness of your brand. Sponsors will be the ones called up on stage to present the award, featured on the photographs and video and promoted extensively throughout the event’s digital channels and printed material on the day.


Take every networking opportunity

There are strong networking opportunities in the run-up to an event, as well as at the ceremony and afterwards. Contact your target list to make sure you catch up at the event, and use social channels to tag other shortlisted contacts to congratulate them.



Applying for an award encourages you to shine an external light on your business and compare yourself to competitors. By analysing your strengths, you can start to refine your business strategy and make process improvements.


Raising morale

Winning or being shortlisted for an award is a very public way of recognising the hard work and achievements of your team. Awards remind employees what’s good about the company and why they are proud to be part of it - and should be celebrated across the business.


Raising credibility

Awards give a strong third party endorsement to your business and can be used as part of your sales pitch. 


Attracting talent and investment

Being recognised as the best in class helps attract new talent to your business - as well as engage with potential investors.


Download our free guide on How to Win a Recruitment Award.


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