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How Data Builds Efficiency, Company Branding, and Client Trust 

If I had a penny every time the word ‘efficiency’ was thrown about the office…

I like to compare work efficiency with parenting - and in the Candidate, Recruiter, CRM, Website Design relationship, sometimes there needs to be a family meeting. Now in 2015, our skilled candidates are slumped in passive state while the rest of us struggle to understand why they’re not eating their meal - and maybe if we’d asked them what they wanted for dinner, they’d be more engaged…

Speaking of food, I’m going to link this video of Malcolm Gladwell talking Target Marketing for you to eat up - though you can always come back to it, I’ve still got more for you to digest.

Malcolm Gladwell - Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce

They Call it 'Progress'

I read a disturbing statistic from the Content Marketing Institute the other day that reads ‘51% of UK Marketers have a strategy, but do not have it documented’ which made me wonder at all those lost possibilities. How can a business possibly hope to grow without measuring its progress timeline?

In the above video, Gladwell explains the value of data gathering in maximising your company’s potential, and that is what I want to advocate too. Volcanic was formed under the belief that the recruitment process should be easier for candidates and recruiters alike - which is why recruiters on the Volcanic platform get access to highly intuitive Data Reports.

You see, using the above allegory, data is the mother and father of all business. With all this ‘Content Is King’ schpiel floating about, I thought it best to demonstrate why Data should dictate every action your company takes, and subsequently, the type of content you need to roll out.

Clear As An Azure Sky

Transparency helps to provoke engagement, as seen here by Promoter’s Financial Insight. Aside from their animated writing style, I am much more likely to do business with a company like Promoter who make their progress, and mine, visible in a way I can understand. 96% of job seekers agree with this too, according to this goldmine of stats from Glassdoor. So when you hear about Brand Building, the foundation of the practice should be homegrown, naturally-built trust with clients and target audiences.

So again I’ll come back to the four of us sat round the table discussing efficiency with our heads in the Clouds. Volcanic offer Big Data as a service, and as noted here on Thoughts On Cloud - ‘...all of the techy “nuts and bolts” are, in theory, out of sight and out of mind, leaving you free to concentrate on business issues.’ In other words; clear, visually compelling Data Reports can help you bridge the gap between worlds - and as a Recruiter talking to a Candidate, as a CRM integrating with a Recruitment company website - it’s like a puppy at Christmas.

So, to name just a few Volcanic Data Report features, you get access to...

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile use percentages

Unique Visitors Number

Organic/Paid Search Results

Searches, Registrations, and Applications

Social Traffic Report

Contrary to my previous point about transparency, we can’t show you a client report… we can, however, show you our mock-site here though, should you wish to get a better idea of the data. Now go watch Malcolm Gladwell if you haven't already.

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