How do recruitment agencies win more clients?

​Your recruitment website can be the right place to win more clients. By leveraging your digital shopfront, you can attract and engage new business, as well as candidates. Learn how your website can boost your agency’s visibility and showcase your expertise.

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Client attraction with a Volcanic website

Create client-focused Content

Successful recruitment agencies look to their website as more than a means to attract jobseekers; they use their digital platform to engage and win more clients too. Content on your recruitment website can offer potential clients useful knowledge to establish your agency’s credibility.

Access Volcanic’s market-leading CMS thate quips you with the tools to build a library of regularly updated, relevant content. Use these tools to help you create and publish optimised content to deliver the right message to your target client audience.

Add fresh content to keep your website visible by ranking highly on search engines, whilst demonstrating your industry knowledge to prospective clients.

Featured Candidates
Create landing pages to showcase your top talent and give clients a snapshot of the types of candidate profiles your agency has to offer.

Sector Pages
Build pages to display relevant testimonials, jobs, and profiles of your specialist consultants in their sectors

Consultant Profiles
Evidence your consultants’ knowledge to promote your agency expertise and gain a competitive advantage.

Sector Pages

Showcase Case Studies and Testimonials

Our testimonial pages provide templates to highlight a collection of positive stories to share your work in finding the best talent for organisations.

Whether they’re full-page case studies, quotes, or included within a consultant’s profile, testimonials indicate to new clients why they should work with you.

To learn more about the power of case studies and testimonials, read our eBook: How to optimise your website to win more clients:

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Case studies

"One of the key objectives of our site is to win client business. We are looking to achieve this by using the tools available to us on the Volcanic CMS, building up our library of testimonials and also writing regular blogs which we will be sharing on our social media platforms."

Sam Jenkinson at Tandem Talent

Sam Jenkinson, Tandem Talent

Stay Visible & Build Your Brand

Your recruitment website conveys your digital brand identity. If your website stands out, so can your business.

Promoting your agency’s values and industry impact is sure to draw attention from hiring managers in your sector. Uplift your agency’s visibility and branding with these Access Volcanic website platform features:

SEO toolkit
Search engine optimisation is critical to get your website seen by clients searching for recruitment agencies specialising in their sector. .

To ensure that your business ranks higher on search results, Access Volcanic’s platform comes with in-built technical SEO tools. Our SEO monitoring tools will scan and identify technical SEO issues on your site, ensuring you can make a fix in time and keep the website optimised.

Our toolkit also comes with automatic image compression and other optimisation strategies so that your site loads quickly, creating the best client experience possible

Custom Forms
When you want to capture client details and start building a relationship with new clients, a custom form can be just the trick.

With an Access Volcanic website, you can add forms to every page. The forms can also be customised to include the right fields to capture the information you need.

Volcanic's Platform Features

Drive traffic to your recruitment website

Once you have created a great recruitment website , you need to ensure you’re raising awareness and visibility with your target audience.

Consider these methods to build your agency’s brand and win over more clients.

  1. Learn more about creating content to promote your website

  2. Learn how to nurture your social media presence

  3. Learn SEO best practices for recruiters

Feature Candidates and Capture Client Info

Intrigue new clients by showcasing the talent that your agency represents.

Create featured candidate landing pages and drive relevant client traffic to these profiles via SEO, social media and other methods.

With an on-page call-to-action, you can capture the contact details of interested clients and start some new conversations.​

Featured candidates

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