Content management system dashboard displaying support tickets functionality

24/7 support for all our clients

The Volcanic subscription-based model includes full website hosting and support as standard. Technical support is available round the clock from our international support teams, via the online easy-to-use priority ticketing system.

Service uptime under SLA

Volcanic commits to a minimum 99.5% uptime under service level agreement for all websites on our platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Compliance area

All client websites have access to the Volcanic compliance area that gives you all the tools necessary to support your obligations under the GDPR. The Volcanic GDPR area integrates automatically with Bullhorn, meaning captured consent is transferred to the candidate record in Bullhorn directly and securely from the website.

Candidate dashboard

The candidate dashboard puts data control into the candidates’ hands, in accordance with the principles of privacy by design. Candidates can login at any time to self-manage their data preferences.