Graphic representing Volcanic's highly secure technology platform
The single biggest force driving the digital economy is security

This force is placing new demands on technology innovation in a high-risk, highly regulated industry.

Data privacy regulations inform the way all future technology will be built. Volcanic takes data security and data privacy extremely seriously. All Volcanic technology is built to the GDPR-recommended standards of privacy by design and privacy by default to safeguard all individual's data in a regulated climate.

Data vault

All candidate data in the Volcanic system is secured in a data stronghold: the Volcanic data vault. Based on the principles of blockchain, the vault has recognised security accreditations including the world's leading ISO 27001 certification for information security management. All candidate data in transit is encrypted.

ISO certified

Volcanic is certified to ISO 27001, the global benchmark for information security management systems, giving all recruitment businesses the surety of best practice.

Proprietary software

Volcanic’s software is proprietary. We don’t outsource any of our development and don’t bolt-on other third party platforms that could cause vulnerabilities. Our total ownership of our code means zero risk through third party. Because we have total control, we implement upgrades as well as respond to issues immediately.

Liability cover as standard

All Volcanic websites are covered by SSL certificates. Our confidence in our system means we offer all clients liability cover against data breach.

Service uptime under SLA

Volcanic commits to a minimum 99.5% uptime for all websites on our platform under service level agreement.

Compliance area for complete transparency

All clients can login to their GDPR-compliant security dashboard for a full overview of the latest Volcanic platform releases, upgrades, audits and site performance, all documented in real time.